Eye injury compensation

Eye injury compensation

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Eye injuries can have a serious impact on your daily life, ability to work and enjoyment of everyday activities. Beyond the immediate physical discomfort, eye injuries can lead to emotional distress, creating concerns about your future health, career prospects and financial stability. 

If your eye injury happened due to someone else's negligence or actions, you may have a valid claim for compensation to address both your physical suffering and any financial setbacks you've encountered.

At Switalskis, we understand the challenges you face. Our dedicated personal injury team specialises in compensation claims for eye injuries, and we’re prepared to guide you through the process of seeking compensation. Our solicitors have extensive experience in handling a wide range of eye injury cases, understanding the sensitivity needed when dealing with such claims. Our commitment is to provide you with compassionate and clear guidance, making sure you’re well-informed at every step of your journey to recovery.

Whether your injury resulted from an accident, a workplace incident, or any other circumstances, we’re here to support you in your pursuit of compensation for an injury that wasn’t your fault. Partnering with us means more than just obtaining legal representation; it means receiving assistance from a team dedicated to seeking compensation on your behalf.

To explore how we can assist, please contact us today at 0800 138 0458 or connect with us through our website . Your well-being is our priority, and we’re here to help you seek compensation and regain control of your life.

To see if you are eligible for eye injury compensation claim, please call our Switalskis team on 0800 1380 458, or get in touch with us through our website to find out more about how we can help.

How Switalskis can help

We understand the impacts an eye injury can have, and our solicitors are dedicated to assisting you in your pursuit of compensation. When you reach out to us, we’ll discuss your specific circumstances so we can understand your situation and assess the viability of your claim. We’ll provide a clear explanation of the claims process, making sure you have a thorough understanding of the steps involved and what you can expect.

We will guide you through every step of your compensation claim, making sure the process is as simple as possible by shouldering the majority of the legal work so that you can focus on your recovery. Our comprehensive and empathetic approach allows us to establish a close working relationship with you, providing guidance on your journey to recovery.

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How can negligence result in eye injuries?

Eye injuries can happen due to the actions or inaction of other people or organisations. Here are some examples of cases involving eye injuries that we typically handle:

  • Workplace incidents: employers have a legal obligation to maintain a safe working environment. Failures in providing adequate safety equipment, eye protection, training or maintaining equipment can lead to accidents causing eye injuries.
  • Slips, trips, and falls: public places and businesses are responsible for maintaining safe premises. Hazards like slippery floors without warning signs, uneven pavements or poorly lit areas can result in falls and lead to eye trauma.
  • Sports and recreational activities: inadequate supervision, insufficient safety equipment or a failure to enforce safety regulations can result in avoidable accidents causing eye injuries in sports and recreational settings.
  • Assaults and violent attacks: acts of violence due to inadequate security measures or negligence on the part of property owners can lead to severe eye injuries. For cases involving criminal injuries, the process may differ slightly under the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA).
  • Beauty treatments: eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting or carelessness in a beauty salon can lead to serious eye injuries, infections and blindness.

Many eye injuries are preventable with proper care and attention. At Switalskis, our commitment is to support those who’ve suffered due to negligence. We approach each case with empathy, and we’re here to guide you towards the compensation you rightfully deserve.

What types of eye injuries can be claimed for?

Eye injuries vary in severity and each type comes with its unique challenges and consequences. Here are some common types of eye injuries that we’ve helped people claim compensation for:

  • Corneal abrasions: often caused by foreign objects or trauma to the eye's surface, these injuries can result in pain, redness and vision problems.
  • Chemical burns: exposure to harmful chemicals can lead to severe eye damage. Immediate medical attention is vital to prevent lasting impairment.
  • Retinal detachment: a detachment of the retina can cause sudden vision loss. Timely medical intervention is vital to prevent permanent vision impairment.
  • Foreign body damage: foreign objects entering the eye can cause significant discomfort and potential damage, needing medical removal.
  • Blunt force trauma: an impact on the eye area, such as a punch or a blow, can lead to fractures of the surrounding bone, damage to the eye's internal structures and vision problems.
  • Eye penetrating injuries: injuries involving the penetration of objects into the eye can have severe consequences, often demanding immediate surgery.
  • Optic nerve injuries: damage to the optic nerve can result in permanent vision loss, impacting daily life and independence.

It's essential to recognise that the aftermath of an eye injury extends beyond physical implications. The emotional and toll can be substantial, affecting not only the injured person but also their loved ones. At Switalskis, we understand the depth of these challenges. If you or a loved one have experienced an eye injury, our team is here to provide expert guidance and compassionate support throughout your compensation claim journey.

Making an eye injury compensation claim

Beginning the compensation claim journey may seem overwhelming at first, particularly when dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic eye injury. At Switalskis, our dedicated team of solicitors is here to alleviate your burden and make sure you're well-informed throughout the process.

Here's a breakdown of how the claims process typically unfolds:

Step 1: Initial consultation

during this first step, we will discuss the specifics of your situation, providing valuable insights into what you can anticipate from your claim.

Step 2: Establishing your claim

we will start the process of gathering compelling evidence to support your case. This may include medical records, incident reports, witness testimonies and any correspondence with people or organisations involved in the incident. If your claim involves financial setbacks, we’ll need relevant financial documentation showing your losses.

Step 3: Notifying the defendant

once we've built a robust case, we’ll reach out to the responsible party and their insurance provider, formally notifying them of your claim.

Step 4: Negotiation

if the defendant accepts liability, we can enter into compensation negotiations. In cases where liability is contested, rest assured that we’re well-prepared to escalate matters to court.

Step 5: Court proceedings (where necessary)

while many compensation claims are successfully settled through amicable means, some may need court intervention.

Step 6: Settlement and compensation:

upon the successful conclusion of your claim, we’ll make sure the defendant fulfils their obligations and provides you with the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Throughout every stage of this process, we’ll keep you informed about any developments in your case, making sure you’re well-prepared to make decisions. With Switalskis, you can focus your energy on what truly matters: your recovery and overall well-being.

Contact us today and let's start your journey towards recovery together. Call us today on 0800 1380 458, or get in touch via our form.

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What are the time limits for making an eye injury compensation claim?

For personal injuries, there are specific time limits for making a claim. Typically, this period is three years from the date of the accident or incident responsible for the injury. However, there are some exceptions to this:

  • Children: in cases involving children, claims can be brought at any point before the child's 18th birthday. Following this, the child has until the age of 21 to independently bring their claim.
  • Mental capacity: if you’re acting on behalf of a person lacking the mental capacity to pursue a claim themselves, the standard time constraints may not be applicable.

Each personal injury case is unique, presenting its own distinct challenges. Starting the process early allows us the best chances of constructing a strong case. We strongly encourage you to reach out to us as quickly as possible so we can begin working to secure your compensation.

What will eye injury compensation cover? How much compensation can I claim?

When pursuing compensation for an eye injury, various factors are considered and will impact the value of your claim:

  • General damages cover the physical and emotional trauma stemming from your eye injury. The severity of your injury will directly inform the amount of compensation you may be entitled to in this category.
  • Special damages account for the financial setbacks you've encountered due to your eye injury. These can include a broad range of expenses, including medical costs, lost wages due to time off work and various support expenditures.

Determining the precise amount of compensation you can claim depends on your individual circumstances and the specifics of your case.

How are eye injury compensation claims funded?

At Switalskis, we want to make sure that financial concerns don't hinder your pursuit of a claim. We operate on a no win, no fee basis for the majority of personal injury claims, including those related to eye injuries. Simply put, this means you'll only be responsible for covering our legal fees if we successfully secure compensation on your behalf. In such cases, a pre-agreed portion of your final compensation award will be allocated to cover these legal costs.

What to remember when making an eye injury compensation claim

Here are some essential steps you can take to improve your chances of getting the necessary support and compensation after an eye injury:

  • Medical assessment: seek medical attention for your eye injury as soon as you can. Medical records and reports play a pivotal role as compelling evidence in your compensation claim. The professional opinion of a medical expert on the nature and extent of your eye injury is often difficult to dispute.
  • Report the incident: if your eye injury happened in a workplace or public setting, it's vital to notify the relevant authorities or management. This action not only establishes an official record of the incident but also has the potential to prevent similar accidents from happening to others in the future.
  • Document the scene: take clear photographs of the accident scene or any contributing factors that led to your eye injury. While it may not be your initial thought, these records can significantly bolster the strength of your compensation claim.

Remember, seeking legal assistance is not solely about financial compensation. It's a vital step towards making sure you have the necessary support systems in place to facilitate your recovery and safeguard your future wellbeing. Some eye injuries can be life changing and even result in partial or complete blindness.

Why Switalskis?

Our solicitors are specialists in their field. If you're considering pursuing an eye injury compensation claim, we're here to provide guidance at every stage, delivering efficient and empathetic legal advice.

Clarity in complexity

While eye injury claims may appear tricky, we’re dedicated to simplifying the process. We translate complex legal terminology into plain, understandable language, and we’re here to address your concerns and make sure you are comfortable with each phase of your claim.

Empathy at every step

We make it our mission to understand your unique situation. We listen to your concerns, value your emotions, and offer tailored advice that resonates with your specific circumstances. To us, you're more than a client; you're a person navigating a challenging chapter of your life, and we're here to provide unwavering support.

Expertise you can trust

Successfully navigating an eye injury compensation claim demands both expertise and trust. With Switalskis, you benefit from years of experience and a proven track record in handling a wide range of personal injury claims.

Championing your rights

Our team is deeply committed to upholding your rights and making sure your voice is heard. We stand by your side at every stage of the claims process, keeping you well-informed. We understand what you are going through and will strive to make sure you are compensated fairly.

What are the types of personal injury claims?

Personal injury claims come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own set of rules, challenges and considerations. At Switalskis, we've got the expertise to handle a wide range of personal injury claims. Here's a quick rundown of the various types of personal injury claims we can help you with:

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