Public park accident compensation claim

Public park accident compensation claim

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Managing a compensation claim can be overwhelming when you're already dealing with the aftermath of an injury. Rest assured, our dedicated team of solicitors is here to manage the legal complexities, to make it easy for you and keep you informed every step of the way.

You may be able to make a claim for an injury in a public park if your accident was caused by hazardous equipment, a badly maintained walkway or inadequate lighting. Injuries that happen in these conditions can range in severity, but may affect your ability to work and take part in everyday activities. Additionally, there is a degree of harm that often accompanies physical injuries.

At Switalskis, we understand that it’s important to hold to account those responsible for your injury. Specialising in public park accident compensation claims, the team at Switalskis is equipped to guide you through the process of securing compensation. Our solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with a range of public park injuries, from the most minor injuries to broken bones and more serious injuries. We handle each case with the sensitivity it deserves, offering compassionate and transparent guidance at every turn.

We're here to assist you in claiming compensation for an accident that wasn't your fault. Working with Switalskis goes beyond merely obtaining legal advice - it's about engaging with a team deeply committed to working with your best interests at the centre and bringing your claim to a successful resolution.

To discuss the details of your situation with an expert from Switalskis, call us today on 0800 138 0458 , or get in touch via our website .

To see if you are eligible for public park accident claim, please call our Switalskis team on 0800 1380 458, or get in touch with us through our website to find out more about how we can help.

How Switalskis can help

Claiming compensation for an injury sustained in a public place can be a complicated process, one that may add further stress to an already difficult situation. However, with Switalskis by your side, you can focus on your recovery and trust us to handle the more complicated aspects of pushing your claim forward.

When you first call us, we'll discuss the details of your situation to understand the particular challenges you're facing. Understanding how your accident happened and how it is affecting you allows us to determine whether your claim is possible.

Our team will guide you step-by-step, breaking down each stage into easily understandable terms so you know what to expect. We'll handle the bulk of the legal responsibilities, such as gathering evidence and liaising with the responsible parties, so you can prioritise your physical and emotional wellbeing.

We want to understand how your injury has affected your life. From medical appointments to the emotional effects and lifestyle changes you’ve made, our compassionate approach makes sure we are fully aware of the impact the accident has had on you. This helps us to build a strong case for you and claim the full amount of compensation you deserve.

We're committed to securing compensation that addresses not only your immediate medical expenses but also any long-term rehabilitation or emotional support you may need.

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How can negligence lead to accidents in public parks?

Often, accidents in public parks are not merely unfortunate events but happen due to the negligence of those responsible for maintaining these spaces. Below are common instances where negligence could result in an accident in a public park:

  • Poor maintenance: a lack of regular maintenance can lead to a variety of potential dangers. The overgrowth of plants can cause trip hazards, while broken play equipment, benches or decorative features can cause injuries to park-goers.
  • Inadequate signage or warnings: failure to provide sufficient signage for potential hazards such as slippery areas, ponds, or areas where construction is taking place can lead to accidents.
  • Insufficient lighting: poorly lit pathways, especially during the night or in foggy conditions, can result in trips, falls and other injuries. Inadequate lighting also poses security risks, creating areas where assaults or thefts may happen more easily.
  • Neglected walking paths: cracked pavements, potholes or obstructed walkways due to overgrown vegetation or fallen tree branches can create trip hazards for park visitors.
  • Improperly stored equipment: tools or machinery left unattended can be a magnet for curious children and can lead to severe accidents if they come into contact with them.
  • Animal hazards: lack of measures to control wildlife or even domestic animals within the park can result in bites, scratches or other injuries. A failure to enact or enforce leash laws for dogs can similarly pose a risk.

Each of these situations represents a lapse in the duty of care owed to the public by the council or private company responsible for the area.

What types of injuries suffered in public parks can result in compensation claims?

Accidents in public parks can result in various types of injuries, each with unique repercussions and requirements for recovery. Below is an overview of some common injuries for which we frequently help our clients to claim compensation:

  • Sprains and strains: often caused by tripping over uneven surfaces or falls on slippery surfaces, sprains and strains are common but can cause significant pain and limitations in mobility.
  • Fractures and broken bones: a slip or fall can lead to fractures that demand immediate medical attention and may have lasting impacts.
  • Cuts and abrasions: sharp objects or debris like broken glass can lead to cuts. These might seem minor but can result in infections if not treated promptly.
  • Head injuries: similar to other public spaces, accidents in public parks can cause head injuries due to falls, collisions or sports accidents.
  • Poisoning: consuming food from vendors in the park, or coming into contact with hazardous plants or substances due to poor signage, can lead to poisoning.

It's vital to understand that the effects of an injury aren't just physical. Emotional and effects are equally as important in the way they affect you and those close to you. It’s also important to consider the financial implications that can arise if you’re unable to work, or if you need to pay for care while recovering from an injury.

Making a public park injury compensation claim

Navigating a compensation claim after experiencing an injury in a public park can seem like a daunting experience at first. Our team is committed to managing the challenges for you and simplifying the process, to make sure you can focus on your recovery while we work to secure your compensation. 

Typically, the process for making a personal injury claim goes as follows:

Step 1: Initial consultation

During this stage, we'll discuss the details of your incident and provide advice on what you might expect from your claim.

Step 2: Establishing your claim

Our next step is to compile the necessary evidence to build and strengthen your case. This evidence can consist of medical reports, eyewitness accounts, incident reports from park authorities and any other relevant documentation. Should you also be claiming for financial losses, we'll need evidence detailing your costs. We’ll also try to estimate any potential future expenses relating to your injury.

Step 3: Notifying the defendant:

Having gathered evidence, we’ll then formally notify the liable party responsible for the park’s maintenance, as well as their insurance provider. We’ll lay out the details of your claim and provide some details of your injuries.

Step 4: Negotiation

At this point, the defendant may admit their liability, enabling us to proceed directly to discussing your compensation amount. Should they contest the claim, we'll be ready to escalate matters to court.

Step 5: Court proceedings (where necessary)

While the majority of public park injury claims can be resolved through negotiation, the other party may dispute your claim, or refuse to negotiate. If we need to take the case to court, we’ll represent you. You can have full confidence in our ability to present your case and advocate on your behalf effectively.

Step 6: Settlement and compensation

Once a settlement has been finalised, we’ll make sure that the defendant meets their obligations, compensating you for the physical and emotional trauma caused by your injury, as well as any financial losses you have endured as a result.

Throughout the entire process, we’ll provide you with clear updates on the progress of your case, making sure you have all the information needed to make educated decisions. With Switalskis guiding you, your main focus can remain on your recuperation and recovery.

Contact us today and let's start your journey towards recovery together. Call us today on 0800 1380 458, or get in touch via our form.

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What are the time limits for making a public park injury compensation claim?

Generally, personal injury claims must be started within three years from the date you were injured. Here are some key exemptions to this standard three-year period:

  • Children: if the injured party is a minor, a claim can be brought on their behalf any time before their 18th birthday. Once the child reaches 18, they have an additional three years, or until they turn 21, to make a claim on their own behalf.
  • Mental capacity: when claiming on behalf of someone lacking the mental capacity to handle their own legal matters, the typical three-year time limit may not be enforced.

Given that the claims procedure can be time-consuming and each case presents its own unique set of challenges, the sooner we can start, the better. Call us as soon as you believe you may have grounds to make a claim and, if making a claim is possible, we can start the process ahead of any deadlines that might apply.

What will public park injury compensation cover? How much compensation can I claim?

Compensation for personal injuries, including those suffered in public parks, is generally divided into two key categories:

  • General damages compensate for the physical and emotional suffering caused by your injury. The severity of your injury directly correlates to the amount you may claim, and this is affected by other factors, like the effect the injury has had on your life.
  • Special damages cover the financial losses you've experienced as a result of your injury. This can include medical bills, loss of earnings due to time off work and other expenses like travel to medical appointments or support services.

Compensation depends heavily on the individual circumstances you’ve faced, so it’s impossible to provide an estimate of how much you could receive without detailed information about your experience.

How are public park injury claims funded?

For the majority of our personal injury claims, we operate on a no win, no fee basis. If the claim is successful, a previously agreed percentage of your compensation award will contribute towards your legal costs. Additional support may also be available to you, such as legal expenses cover as part of an insurance policy or trade union membership. 

We understand that pursuing legal action can feel overwhelming, especially when you're already dealing with the repercussions of an injury. That's why we aim to make the process as stress-free as possible. If you're anxious about the financial aspects of making a claim, reach out to our team today and we’ll help you to understand the options available to you.

What to remember when making a public park injury claim

Your wellbeing should be your top priority if you've suffered an injury in a public park. First thing’s first - get the medical attention you need. Some injuries may seem minor to start with, but their impact can escalate if left untreated, and some injuries may not have any visible symptoms but can get worse over time.

Should you decide to pursue a claim for a public park injury, here are some key points to bear in mind:

  • Gather medical evidence: when you’re seen by a medical professional, they will create medical records that will serve as invaluable evidence that can lend considerable weight to your claim.
  • Report the incident: whether it's a faulty piece of playground equipment or a poorly maintained path that caused your accident, report the issue to the relevant park authorities or local council. This not only makes sure there's a formal record but also helps in preventing similar accidents in the future.
  • Document evidence: take photos of the area where you were injured, any hazards and your injuries, as these can be vital in substantiating your claim and demonstrating liability.
  • Collect witness details: if there are witnesses to your accident, ask for their contact details as their comments and statements may be able to back up your claim.

Contacting a solicitor isn't just about securing compensation - it's about safeguarding your future wellbeing and potentially helping to prevent similar incidents in public parks in the future. At Switalskis, we're committed to guiding you through this process with the care and expertise you deserve.

Why Switalskis?

If you've suffered an injury in a public park and are considering making a personal injury compensation claim, Switalskis can help. Here's why we should be your first choice:

Clarity in complexity

Personal injury claims may seem confusing and overwhelming, but we're here to make it simple. Our legal team is experienced in taking complex legal jargon and translating it into easily understandable terms, making sure that you understand every part of the process.

Empathy at every step

Sustaining an injury is emotionally taxing and can affect your day-to-day life. That's why we aim to understand not just the facts, but also the emotional and layers of your case. You're not merely another case for us - you're someone who deserves empathy and respect. Whatever the effects of your injury on your life, we want to make sure you receive adequate compensation for your experience.

Expertise you can trust

Making a personal injury claim demands more than basic legal knowledge. It needs an in-depth understanding of the specific regulations and details involved. With Switalskis, you benefit from years of collective experience in handling a wide range of personal injury claims, including injuries that happened in public parks.

Championing your rights

We're committed to advocating for your rights and making sure you're heard at every stage of your legal journey. With us by your side, you'll be empowered to make informed decisions.

What are the types of personal injury claims?

Personal injury claims come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own set of rules, challenges and considerations. At Switalskis, we've got the expertise to handle a wide range of personal injury claims. Here's a quick rundown of the various types of personal injury claims we can help you with:

Find out how Switalskis can help you

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