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Child Abuse Compensation

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David Greenwood

Director and Solicitor

David has worked in the legal sector for 30 years. He is a Solicitor, Director and Head of Switalskis' Child Abuse Compensation department.

Child Abuse Compensation

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David Greenwood is head of Switalskis child abuse compensation team based in Yorkshire. He is dedicated to improving the rights of child abuse survivors and advocating for better child protection laws.

Expertise in Child Abuse Claims:

David has successfully assisted thousands of abuse survivors in pursuing compensation claims, guiding them through every stage of the process. His national reputation as a top child abuse solicitor is built on his outstanding work, especially in child sexual exploitation (CSE) cases.

Notable Achievements:

  • Rotherham Abuse Scandal: David played a pivotal role in exposing wide-scale abuse in Rotherham by working with whistle-blowers and survivor organisations. His team represents over 100 survivors in Rotherham and numerous CSE survivors nationwide.
  • Church and Council Claims: David has extensive experience with claims against church organisations, councils, and direct abusers.
  • Medomsley Detention Centre: Encouraged Durham police to reopen investigations into abuse at MDC and successfully lobbied for a compensation scheme for over 500 survivors.
  • Influencing Policy: Worked on campaigns to retain legal aid for abuse survivors and influenced insurance practices to better support victims through schemes.

Campaigns and Advocacy:

  • Public Inquiries: Active in campaigns for inquiries into institutional failings, including CSE and grooming gangs in Bradford and abuse by Catholic Monks on Caldey Island.
  • Legal Reforms: Advocated for child abuse litigation to be excluded from fixed recoverable costs schemes, benefiting thousands of future claimants.
  • IICSA: Played a significant role in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, representing numerous survivors and presenting critical recommendations.

Professional accreditations:

  • Executive Member of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL)
  • Executive Member of Ministry and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors (MACSAS)
  • Fellow of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)


David insists on a personal approach to helping survivors of child abuse. Building and maintaining trust is essential. This can only be done by meeting and talking through the issues and explaining what a survivor can expect when embarking on a case. 

He has worked on high-profile group actions, including the Rotherham grooming scandal, church abuse cases, council care homes, and the Lambeth Council cases.

Media Presence:

David regularly appears in written, TV, and radio press, discussing the impact of child abuse on victims and advocating for survivors' rights.


  • A v Hoare [2008] UKHL 6: David's perseverance in this case helped keep the door open for child sex abuse victims to pursue their cases long after the assaults.
  • Various v Catholic Child Welfare Society [2012] UKSC 56: Expanded the law on vicarious liability in child sexual abuse cases.
  • Poole v GN [2019] UKSC 25: Currently working to overturn or reinterpret this case, which restricts abuse survivors from suing for negligent social work.
  • IICSA: David advised on IICSA in its early days. He has presented numerous witnesses, speeches, and ideas for recommendations to the Inquiry. It is hoped that his ideas around a no fault compensation scheme, mandatory reporting and an end to time limits in these cases will be adopted. David represented 63 core participants, making a major contribution to the evidence presented.

"David Greenwood and Switalskis are the best firm in the country. They are so honest, put the clients' interests above their own, and are driven by a sense of Justice. They are even willing to take a loss financially at times for the greater cause of justice. David goes way beyond the call of duty for his clients. Look no further. Switalskis is the firm for all your legal challenges."

Child Abuse Compensation Client

"Amy Clowrey and David Greenwood are standout lawyers. Just very client focused, efficient and work very well with experts. They are both respectful and appropriately challenging of cases. Ultimately I know they have their clients’ interests firmly at the forefront of their work and this makes it very easy to work with them."


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