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Medomsley Detention Centre

Medomsley Detention Centre in County Durham provided the so-called ‘short sharp shock’. It is the subject of a re-opened police investigation into the sexual abuse of young offenders in the 1980s, and recent publicity has brought the 2003 convictions of Neville Husband and Leslie Johnson (both of whom have since died) back into focus.

Detainees at Medomsley Detention Centre between 1967 and 1986 suffered horrendous physical mistreatment. Successive Governments wanted to give inmates a “short sharp shock” but the reality was much more harmful. The scale of sexual and physical assaults happening behind it’s locked doors amounted to torture.

In 2003 the chef at Medomsley, Neville Husband, was convicted of serious sexual assaults together with his colleague Leslie Johnson. A further investigation found more offending and in 2005 Husband pleaded guilty to more sexual assaults on boys.

During the course of our investigations Switalskis have uncovered a staggering number of allegations against Husband and that other members of staff and Police failed to uncover the full extent of abuse in the 2000s.

One man was so disgruntled with the lack of action by Durham Police that he and his MP successfully campaigned for a deeper police investigation and in 2013 Operation Seabrook was launched by Durham Constabulary. Over 2000 former trainees have made complaints. The investigation culminated with three trials in 2018 and 2019.  Five former prison officers were convicted; Christopher Onslow, John McGee, Alan Bramley, Kevin Blakeley and Brian Johnson Greenwell. They were jailed for a total of more than 18 years for abusing former trainees.

More recently former prison officer Alexander Flavell was charged with several offences, including misconduct in a public office, two charges of assault, two charges of indecent assault and another of buggery. He was convicted of Misconduct in a Public Office and one charge of indecent assault.

The Team at Switalskis have represented hundreds of former trainee’s secure compensation since the conviction of Husband and Johnson in 2003. The most serious of cases reaching five figure settlements.

The Ministry of justice still continue to compensate individuals who were mistreated at Medomsley Detention Centre whether sexually assaulted or physically assaulted.

A compensation scheme has been set up to compensate individuals who were physically assaulted. The compensation is based on the length of sentence.  A sentence of 3 months or less attracts an award of £1750.00 a sentence of more than 3 months attracts an award of £2500.00. If as a result of a physical assault, there has been long term harm (physical or mental) then the award can be higher.

The team at Switalskis continue to successfully pursue sexual assault cases through the Court.

Yet many men complain that the authorities knew about the mistreatment and covered it up. They wanted a public Inquiry into the missed opportunities of bringing Husband and others to justice earlier so in 2023 Switalskis took Judicial Review proceedings to force the Government to hold an Inquiry. The Government agreed to an Inquiry which will be carried out by the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, an independent body tasked with looking into wrongdoing in the prison service.

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