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Gender pay gap report 2022

By John Durkan

Published In: Switalskis News

I am pleased to publish our Gender Pay Gap Report 2022.  

The data is based on a snapshot of hourly rates of pay as of April 2022, and I pleased to report that we have no significant change to the Mean Pay Gap, and once again have improved our Median Pay Gap.

gender pay

Overall, we have a Mean Pay Gap of 13.4% compared to 13.0% last year.   For the Median Pay Gap, the ratio is 21.5%, compared to 25.6% in 2021.

Given the nature of our business, we have also published extended analysis which shows the different rates between Fee Earners and Non-Fee Earners.  In terms of Fee Earning employees, the Mean Gap is just 2.6%, and 4.9% Gap for the Median calculations this shows that in Fee Earning roles, pay is much more balanced.

Switalskis remains committed to being a fair and transparent employer.

Download the report here


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John has been Switalskis’ Managing Director for over 15 years.  He was among the first non-lawyers in the UK to be named as a director of a law firm. John became Managing Director in 2007, following changes to SRA regulations.

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