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Gender pay gap report 2023

By John Durkan

Published In: Switalskis News

I am pleased to publish our Gender Pay Gap Report 2023.  

The data is based on a snapshot of hourly rates of pay as of April 2023. There has been an increase in the gap in 2023 due to the significant increase in the number of support staff following the integration of Atherton Godfrey and Pryers into the Switalskis Group. Support roles are mainly carried out by female employees and are generally lower paid than fee earning roles.

gender pay

Overall, we have a Mean Pay Gap of 24.6% compared to 13.4% last year. For the Median Pay Gap the ratio is 32.4% compared to 27.5% in 2022.

Given the nature of our business, we have also published extended analysis which shows the different rates between fee earners and non-fee earners. In terms of fee earning employees, the Mean Gap is 12.3% and 11.2% Gap for the Median calculations this shows that in fee-earning roles, pay is much more balanced.

Switalskis remains committed to being a fair and transparent employer.

Download the report here


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John has been Switalskis’ Managing Director for over 15 years.  He was among the first non-lawyers in the UK to be named as a director of a law firm. John became Managing Director in 2007, following changes to SRA regulations.

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