Child abuse compensation schemes

Child abuse compensation schemes

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Child abuse is a traumatic experience that nobody should ever have to face. If you or a loved one have been a victim of child abuse, we understand the impact it can have on your life. At Switalskis, we’re committed to helping survivors of child abuse seek both justice and the support they deserve.

That’s why we’re committed to helping you understand the different routes to compensation; in particular, schemes that can make the process a little less daunting.

We understand that no amount of compensation can ever truly make up for what you’ve been through, but it can offer you vital support when rebuilding your life. We recognise the courage it takes to even think about seeking compensation for abuse and are here to support you throughout the process.

If you’ve experienced child abuse and are considering making a claim, we encourage you to reach out to us. Call us today on 0800 1380 458 , or contact us through the website .

Contact us today and let's start your journey towards recovery together. Call us today on 0800 1380 458, or get in touch via our form.

How Switalskis can help

Taking any case through the civil justice system sounds straightforward: you claim, they respond and a judgment is made. But it's often not that simple, especially when you're dealing with something as serious and delicate as child abuse.

The legal process is full of steps, paperwork and terminology that could leave you feeling overwhelmed. While it's our job to help you through this process, we understand why you might want to avoid that stress altogether.

There can also be inconsistencies in outcomes, particularly if an organisation is involved. The compensation you might receive can vary based on who’s responsible for paying it. That’s not what we’d call fair.

Even when you've navigated all that, your claim could fail to meet time limits. Legal technicalities like these are often used to oppose claims, and it's one more worry you don't need.

Lastly, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICA), designed specifically for victims of crimes like child abuse often falls short of offering proper financial support to survivors.

After years of helping survivors, we believe that alternative compensation schemes are often a better route. That’s why we’ve been deeply involved in several schemes that have proven successful. And we've seen first-hand the benefits that these schemes offer.

Read what our clients had to say about the help they received from Switalskis

Examples of schemes we’ve worked on

We've worked on a variety of schemes, including the Lambeth Council and Manchester City schemes, as well as the Medomsley and Eastwood Park detention centre schemes and the Irish and Northern Irish redress schemes. 

Switalskis was also heavily involved in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, where we argued for a national scheme to cover most child abuse survivors. Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman announced her support for this in May 2023 and we’re hopeful a new scheme will be introduced in 2024.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse scheme could include:

  • More generous compensation
  • Consistent decision making
  • No bar due to convictions
  • Support and therapy for all applicants
  • No time limits
  • Funds to pay solicitors’ fees
  • A way for the government to recoup costs from organisations employing the abusers

When it comes to compensation for something as life-altering as child abuse, you deserve a process that treats you with the dignity and care you deserve. That's why we think these schemes are worth your consideration if you are eligible to participate.

The advantages of alternate schemes for child abuse compensation

Alternate compensation schemes to those offered by the civil justice system have a number of benefits.

  • Ease of qualifying: if you've suffered abuse at the hands of an employee who works for an institution where there is a relevant scheme, you're usually already eligible for compensation.
  • A kinder process: court battles can get nasty. A scheme is non-confrontational, meaning it's more about finding a resolution than about pitting one side against the other.
  • Consistency: with these schemes, what you see is usually what you get. That is, the decisions are consistent, so it feels fairer for everyone involved.
  • Higher compensation: the amounts on offer generally exceed what you'd get through the courts. While we know it's not about the money, more support is always better.
  • Therapy access: the wellbeing of victims is always our priority. Easier access to therapy services is a standard feature in many of these schemes.
  • Legal support: while you could go it alone, having a legal expert by your side can make the process much smoother. Our lawyers can help with the process.
  • Thorough investigation: these schemes commonly involve a full review of your background and the harm you've suffered, so you're seen as a person, not just a claim number.

How to make a child abuse claim through a scheme

Starting a claim might sound like a big commitment, but don't worry. We're here to help you every step of the way. Many schemes will cover your legal costs, so you won't be out of pocket for seeking justice. That means that there’s no good reason not to make a claim when you feel ready to do so.

Here's how you can get started:

Reach out to us

The first step is to get in touch with. We provide a safe and confidential environment where we'll listen to your story with the care and attention it deserves.

Initial assessment

Once we have an understanding of your experiences, we can guide you through which scheme might be most appropriate for you.


Before going further, we'll need to gather any evidence or documentation that supports your case.

Filing an application

We'll handle the technicalities. Your job is to review the application to make sure everything looks right to you. Once it's all sorted, we'll submit it on your behalf.

Review and decision

Once the scheme's administrators have all the information, they'll make their decision. Remember, this process is usually non-confrontational, so it's more straightforward than a courtroom procedure.

Compensation and support

If your claim is successful, you'll not only get your compensation but also access to any additional support services that you need, like therapy.

It may seem like a long list, but you're not alone. We're here to stand by you, offering both legal expertise and a shoulder to lean on. If you're wondering what your next step should be, don't hesitate to contact us for an initial, no-obligation chat. We're in this together.

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Why Switalskis?

When you're facing a life-altering challenge like seeking compensation for abuse, you want someone you can count on to guide you through the legal process. Here's why we believe we're the right fit for you:

Clarity in complexity

Legal matters, particularly those involving compensation for abuse, can be overwhelmingly complex. We pride ourselves on our ability to cut through the jargon and make things as clear as possible for you. From the moment we meet, we'll provide straightforward explanations, making sure you understand your options and what each step involves.

Empathy at every step

We approach every case with the sensitivity it deserves, providing a listening ear and emotional support throughout the journey. While we're experts in law, we're also deeply committed to showing kindness and understanding in everything we do.

Expertise you can trust

We've been involved in numerous schemes and our legal skills and dedication have been recognised, earning us the trust of clients and partners alike. Working with experts like those at Switalskis can make a big difference in keeping the process simple and stress-free.

Championing your rights

Your fight is our fight. We’re as committed to your case as you are. We're not just here to guide you through the legal process; we're here to advocate for your rights. And we don't stop at doing just what's needed; we go the extra mile to make sure that you receive the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve.

Please see below for more information on the ways we can help with your claim.

Our awards and accreditations for child abuse cases

At Switalskis, we take immense pride in the work we do, helping survivors of child abuse to find justice and move forward. Over the years, our commitment has been recognised through various awards and accreditations. Here's a quick look at some of our achievements, so you know you're working with a team you can trust.

National recognitions

2014: National PI Awards

  • Case of the Year for Rotherham grooming
  • Claimant Personal Injury Team of the Year
  • Claimant Lawyer of the Year: David Greenwood

2015: National PI Awards

  • Claimant PI Team of the Year

2016: National PI Awards

  • Claimant Lawyer of the Year: David Greenwood

2018: National PI Awards

  • Claimant PI Team of the Year

2022: National PI Awards

  • Claimant PI Team of the Year

Yorkshire recognitions

2015, 2017, 2021: Yorkshire Legal Awards

  • Dispute Resolution Team of the Year

2022: Yorkshire Lawyer of the Year

  • David Greenwood

Rising stars and special mentions

2018: Modern Law Awards

  • Rising Star of the Year: Amy Clowrey

2023: Modern Law Awards

  • Lawyer of the Year: Amy Clowrey

Other accolades

2023: Legal 500 Northern Powerhouse

  • Winning Lawyer in Insurance: David Greenwood

Find out how Switalskis can help you

We're committed to providing expert, caring legal advice for child abuse claims. If you're ready to take the next step, we're here for a no-obligation chat.

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