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It can be a tough and stressful time should you lose the capacity to be able to manage your own affairs. A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to appoint people you trust to help you. Our experienced solicitors can provide you with the necessary advice to go through the process.

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What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows someone who may start to lack the capacity to manage their affairs to appoint an Attorney (someone that they trust). The Attorney can then make decisions in the best interests of that person. Lasting Powers of Attorney must be made while you, or the person who trusts you, still have the mental capacity to make a decision.

The paperwork and overall process can be complex, therefore professional legal advice is beneficial and can save you any added stress on top of what can be a sensitive time in your life. We will not complicate the process with jargon and keep things as easy as possible so that the process runs smoothly. Our team can help you with both types of Lasting Powers of Attorney, Property and Financial Affairs, and Personal Welfare.

Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Powers of Attorney

This allows the appointed Attorney to manage your financial and property assets, as well as making decisions on how your money may be spent.

An Attorney can make the following actions:

  • Manage your bank accounts and other financial accounts, including opening or closing accounts.
  • Deal with your taxes
  • Deal with the buying and selling of investments and property
  • Claim, receive and use any welfare benefits you are entitled to on your behalf
  • Make gifts on your behalf

Personal Welfare Lasting Powers of Attorney

This allows the appointed Attorney to make decisions about your medical care and daily life. This type of Lasting Powers of Attorney can only be used after it is registered and you no longer have the capacity to decide for yourself.

The Attorney receives the power to make decisions such as:

  • Where you will live, and who you will live with
  • The people you should have contact with
  • Arrangements for community care services
  • Managing complaints about your care or treatment
  • Dealing with your personal correspondence and papers
  • Controlling access to personal information about you
  • Decisions over whether you should take part in social or leisure activities, or training and education
  • Decisions about your everyday care, including your diet and dress
  • Decisions about medical care, including consenting to or refusing examination and treatment. For your protection, there are safeguards in place to ensure that your Attorney can only consent to or refuse life-saving or life-prolonging medical treatment if authorized by your Lasting Power of Attorney.

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How Can Switalskis Help Me?

If you would like advice on this topic, including completing Lasting Power of Attorney forms, or registering Lasting Powers of Attorney, contact Solicitors Catrin Lloyd or Sharon Woodward on 0800 138 0458, or send us a message through our website to talk to a solicitor and have your claim assessed free of charge.

Our lawyers will guide you through the process step-by-step, ensuring that the final document accurately and clearly reflects your wishes.

What our clients say

"Excellent quality service and advice provided. Linda was very professional in her approach and explained everything clearly."

'JH' - Wills & Probate Client

Thank you for all your help with Mum’s LPA and will.  You certainly made what was an initially daunting process very smooth and stress free. We really appreciated your professional yet friendly and caring approach.

Wills & Probate Client

"Catrin Lloyd handled our case with compassion and respect."

Wills & Probate Client

"We were very pleased with the service."

Wills & Probate Client

"Thank you for a speedy and efficient service."

Wills & Probate Client

"Amanda was extremely helpful and took time to explain everything. Lovely, friendly approach at a difficult time. Thank you."

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