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Operation Tourway: further convictions for historical child sexual exploitation in West Yorkshire

By Amy Clowrey

Published In: Child Abuse, Child Abuse - Grooming Gangs

The recent sentencing of Sajad Hussain to 21 years in prison marks a significant milestone in the ongoing Operation Tourway. This is a wide-ranging investigation into historical sexual exploitation of young females in North Kirklees, West Yorkshire.

child sitting on bed.

Hussain's conviction for multiple severe offences, including rape and trafficking, is part of a broader effort by West Yorkshire Police to address historic sexual abuse cases in the region.

Operation Tourway is a large police investigation that has brought to light significant crimes committed against eight vulnerable young females between 1999 and 2012. The operation has been key in uncovering and prosecuting a network of offenders, resulting in the conviction of 25 men to date, collectively receiving sentences totalling 367 years.

Switalskis represent a number of survivors of historical child sexual exploitation, including some of the women involved in Operation Tourway. This is in addition to other police investigations in West Yorkshire such as Operation Tendersea (Huddersfield) and Operation Dalesway (Bradford).

The women who came forward to ensure Hussain was convicted should be commended. The criminal justice system is not an easy process and their bravery in recounting traumatic experiences has been crucial in securing these convictions.

This case highlights that no matter how much time has passed, perpetrators of sexual abuse can and will be held accountable. The significant sentence, including extended license period, reflects the severity of the crimes committed but does not take away what happened to these vulnerable young women whose lives have been turned upside down. It is our hope that these women can now begin to move forward with their lives.

We are also pleased that West Yorkshire Police are taking historical offences seriously. The success of Operation Tourway shows the importance of a dedicated police force and agencies working together.

 Although this lengthy conviction is a further positive step, it is crucial that we fight for continued improvements in the legal system to support victims of sexual abuse. This includes ensuring that all reports are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.

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