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Former officer jailed for multiple counts of rape

By Amy Clowrey

Published In: Child Abuse

Cliff Mitchell's crimes span nearly a decade from 2014 to 2023. His abuse of power as a police officer only worsened the terror experienced by his victims, who he threatened and belittled. Quite often abusers seek positions of responsibility (whether it be in schools, children’s services, religious organisations or the police) to place them in a position of power and control over their victims.


The bravery of Mitchell’s survivors in testifying against him should be commended. The aftermath of Mitchell's crimes will have left survivors struggling with trauma, difficulties and ongoing struggles in their daily lives. In statements to the court, the survivors expressed their disgust and contempt for Mitchell, condemning him as "the devil" and a "pathetic excuse of a man."

The Judge deemed a life sentence as the only fitting punishment. She praised the survivors for their bravery in coming forward.

This case outlines the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions, regardless of their standing in society. It also highlights the strength of survivors and the critical need to support them through the criminal justice system.

That being said, it is not the first time that the Metropolitan Police have been in the public eye for abuse of power by their own officers. Everyone reading this blog will recall the case of Sarah Everard whose disappearance and tragic death in March 2021 sparked widespread outrage and discussions about women's safety and violence against women. It was later discovered that police officer Wayne Couzens, a serving police officer, was responsible for kidnapping and murdering Sarah. Couzens had been investigated for indecent exposure between 2015 and 2018, which were investigated by the police watchdog. Similarly, in this case, there had been a previous rape investigation involving Mitchell in 2017.

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If you would like more information on making a claim, we have put together a collection of resources, including guides on the types of claims we can help with, how we can help you claim child abuse compensation and questions to ask when looking for a child abuse solicitor.

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