Police Station Representation

24-hour emergency legal representation at police stations

If you are being investigated by the police, you will require professional and reliable representation. Our police station solicitors can give you the advice that you need right from the start.

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Police Station Legal Representation - SwitalskisHow can Switalskis help?

Being taken into custody can take place at any time, and once asked whether you would like a legal representative our approachable and experienced team can assist you. You should stay as composed as possible once placed under arrest and cautioned. You do have the right to remain silent until your legal representative is reached to advise you on how to respond.

Obtaining our legal advice at the very beginning of the process is crucial. Even if you believe that you have done nothing wrong, investigations can be very daunting. With proper representation you are less likely to be taken advantage of or imposed upon. It gives you a much better chance of a fair outcome.

24-hour callout

Our police station representatives are available 24 hours a day, meaning that no matter what your circumstances, you can receive the professional advice you need. If you require immediate help, contact us on our emergency callout number - 07850 582427.


Our Criminal Law Specialists

Michael Devlin - Criminal and Motoring Solicitor

Michael Devlin

Solicitor Advocate

Jim Littlehales, Criminal Law Barrister

Jim Littlehales


Sarah Cunnane, Criminal Law Solicitor

Sarah Myatt

Solicitor Advocate

Damian Walsh, Criminal Law Solicitor

Damian Walsh


Rob Fones, Criminal Law Solicitor

Rob Fones

Solicitor Advocate

Louise Stead, Criminal Law Solicitor

Louise Stead


Angela Ambler Criminal Law Crown Court Clerk Switalskis

Angela Ambler

Crown Court Clerk

James Switalskis, Criminal Law Team, Switalskis Solicitors

James Switalski

Accredited Police Station Representative

Accredited Police Station Representatives

Our team includes specialist criminal law solicitors and accredited police station representatives to assist you immediately and thereafter at any other police station interviews. Contact us today on 0800 138 0458, or by sending us a message through our website to speak to one of our specialists.

If you require our 24-hour emergency service, please call 07850 582427.

What our clients say

"I would like to offer a very big thank you to Damian for the guidance and support he has offered me throughout what has been an extremely traumatic time in my life. I cannot speak highly enough about the way Damian conducted himself and the empathy and understanding he displayed towards me during the period of the case. He proffered extremely good advice and guidance, and remained in contact throughout."

Criminal Law Client

"Thank you [Stewart Kelly] and Michael Devlin for all your efforts with regards to my case… Your service from start to finish was very professional (including the lock in with Michael) and I would have no problem recommending your firm in the future".

Criminal Law Client

"I wanted to pass on my most sincere thanks and appreciation for your hard work. I did get the result I wanted, but even if I hadn’t I was very happy with his representation."

Criminal Law Client

"The professionalism in preparing and presenting the case on behalf of R was first class. …without James [Littlehales] and Rob [Casey], R would not have got through the nightmare he has to endure for over 10 months. The support given to R and I during this time was oustanding."

Criminal Law Client