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Child Safety Week 2024: school accidents

By Charlotte Waller

Published In: Personal Injury

Each weekday morning our children set off on their day of learning, development and fun at their schools, nurseries or day care. As parents we place our trust in those who teach, supervise and manage those educational institutions.

Photo of a mum taking two young girls to school in a car

In 2022/23 there were over 10.7 million pupils attending schools in the UK.   

Inevitably, given the numbers of children in our education system, some of them will unfortunately be injured whilst at school.

Our personal injury team are currently working on a case for a young girl who fell off a stool when she was at nursery. She was unsupervised at the time and fell onto her face knocking out two of her upper front teeth. Since then, she’s required extensive orthodontic treatment as her adult teeth have come through and will need repeat remedial treatment throughout her life.

 In another case, we’re dealing with a claim for a girl who lost the tip of a finger when she trapped it in a door at school. We’re monitoring carefully how this will impact her education and future career prospects so that we can accurately assess the compensation she’s due.   

Moving between classrooms can also present dangers. In recent news a young student at Somerhill Independent School, Tonbridge needed hospital treatment after an accident ‘on a staircase’.

Charlotte Waller , personal injury solicitor, frequently deals with cases involving accidents at school. Charlotte commented: “As a parent I know we all put our upmost trust in schools to look after the wellbeing of our children while they’re in their care.

“Every effort should be made by schools to ensure accidents are avoided and that the safety of children in their care is of the highest importance. Parents want reassurance that when they send their children to school, they’re at no risk of harm”.

Child Accident Prevention Trust has wide range of free resources for schools and parents on their website. These are particularly useful for schools where there are so many hazards.

Some of the most common school accidents we tend to see involve tripping or slipping in classrooms, dinner halls and corridors. Trailing wires from computers or other electrical equipment also present dangers often resulting in injury.

Equipment, such as Bunsen burners and power tools should only ever be used under supervision and protective clothing/goggles must always be worn.

It’s also a timely reminder to schools that it’s a legal requirement (as in most workplaces) to make sure that adequate first aid provisions are in place. These should include:

  • A first-aid kit that meets the minimum requirements set out by HSE
  • A trained first-aider or an appointed person in charge of first aid
  • Information for employees about first-aid equipment and procedures

If you or your child have been injured in an accident at school or any other educational establishment, call and have a chat with our friendly personal injury experts. Call us on 01302 320621 or email


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Charlotte has worked in the legal industry for over 25 years and is a Solicitor in our Personal Injury department.

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