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Separation Solicitors 

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Separation is more than just paperwork and legal terms; it can be a major turning point in your life bringing both emotional and practical shifts. This isn't simply about splitting assets or deciding who gets what; it's about navigating a new chapter in your life, redefining your personal identity and adjusting to different daily routines. At Switalskis, we have a specialised team skilled at helping you through all aspects of a separation.

We understand it can get complicated so we make the legalities as simple as possible. This means replacing the legal jargon with plain, clear English and keeping you informed every step of the way.

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How Switalskis can help

Going through a separation can be tough and unsettling, but you don't have to go it alone. At Switalskis, we're more than just legal experts; we're compassionate people who understand how emotionally challenging this can be for you.

Our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way. We'll explain your rights and options, shaping our advice to suit your particular needs. We aim to answer all your questions making the whole process a bit easier to handle.

Concerned about the cost? Don't worry. We'll explain the fees at the initial meeting, so you won't face any surprises down the line.

Many of our solicitors are members of Resolution, a respected group of family law experts. This means you can trust us to give you quality, up-to-date and thoroughly professional advice. We're experienced in all separation issues, so we're fully equipped to give you the support you need.

What is separation?

Separation is when a couple decides to live apart without formally ending their marriage or partnership through divorce or dissolution. It can be a big change, affecting not only where you live but also many aspects of your life like finances, parenting and emotional well-being. While many people think of separation as a step towards divorce, that's not always the case. Some couples separate temporarily to think things over, work on their relationship or seek counselling. Others separate permanently but choose not to divorce for various reasons, such as religious beliefs or financial considerations.

The legal aspects of separation can be complex, even though it's not the same as divorce. If you're married, you remain legally married even if separated. This means that marital assets and debts are still linked, and you may still be responsible for each other in some ways. For example, a separated couple might need to figure out how to share finances, who stays in the family home, and how to handle childcare if children are involved. It's important to understand what your rights and responsibilities are during this time, which is why many people seek legal advice.

The emotional side of separation is often just as complicated as the legalities. There can be feelings of loss, confusion or even relief. Even if the decision to separate is mutual, it can still be a rollercoaster of emotions as both parties adjust to new lifestyles. Whether you've been with your partner for a short period or several decades, ending a significant relationship can involve a grieving process. However, separation can also offer the space needed to think clearly about what you want without the daily pressures of a strained relationship.

Knowing what your options are and how to protect your interests can give you some peace of mind during what's often a stressful and uncertain time.

The process of separation 

Separating from your partner can be a difficult and emotional journey, but rest assured, we have a straightforward, step-by-step process to help you through it.

This gives us an opportunity to understand what brought you to this point and what you're aiming for in the separation. We'll listen carefully and answer any questions you might have.

Step 2: Legal advice

After understanding your situation, we'll explain what rights and options you have in plain English. You'll always be kept informed so you know exactly where you stand.

Step 3: Agreement drafting

Based on our understanding of your needs, we'll draft a separation agreement for you. This is the legal document that lays out how things like finances, property and childcare will be handled.

Step 4: Finalising the agreement

Once you're happy with the draft, both parties will need to sign it, usually in front of a witness like a friend or family member. After that, the agreement is legally binding, giving you a structured framework to move forward with your separation.

At Switalskis, our aim is to make each stage of your separation as simple and as worry-free as possible. We're on your side, every step of the way.

What's the difference between divorce and just breaking up when you're living together?

If you're married, you need to get a divorce to legally end your relationship. But if you're living together without being married, the law sees you as two people, not as a couple. This means your money and property aren't automatically shared, no matter how long you've been together.

What is common law marriage?

Some people think that living together for a long time gives you the same legal rights as being married. That's not true in the UK. The law doesn't recognise common law marriage' so if you're not married, you don't have the same rights as a married couple. That's why it's good to get advice from an expert if you're unsure about things like property or money in separation.

Who owns the house?

If you're married, you both have a claim to your home, even if is registered in one person's name. But if you're not married, the person whose name is on the paperwork owns the property. If both names are on it, you both own it. If you've been contributing money but your name isn't on the paperwork, you may need to prove your contributions to make a claim to the property.

What about the children?

If you're not married and have children, the mother has automatic rights to make important decisions for them. The father also has rights if his name is on the child's birth certificate. Our experienced family lawyers believe it's best to sort out issues about children in a friendly way, rather than fighting in court.

What should we do about debts?

If you have debts in your own name, you're responsible for them. The only time you'll need to worry about each other's debts is if you have a joint account in overdraft or a shared mortgage or loan. In such situations, you should try to agree on how to handle the debt as quickly as possible.

What is a cohabitation agreement?

If you're thinking about living with your partner, or you're already sharing a home, you may wish to consider a cohabitation agreement. This sets out how your money and property will be handled if your relationship ends. It can save a lot of arguments later. To learn more, check out our cohabitation agreements page.

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Why Switalskis?

Going through a separation can be tough, but we're here to make it easier for you. At Switalskis, we offer straightforward, easy-to-understand guidance so you can navigate this challenging time with confidence.

Clarity in complexity

Separation often involves legal procedures, but it doesn't have to be a maze. Our solicitors are experts at explaining complex matters in simple ways. We'll guide you through everything, from what to expect in terms of paperwork to how to make things legally clear-cut.

Empathy at every step

We understand that separation is more than just a legal process; it can be an emotional one too. Our team is skilled not just in the law, but also in understanding people. We'll listen to your needs and tailor our services to fit you.

Expertise you can trust

We've got years of experience in this area, so you're in safe hands. Whether you're dealing with straightforward or more complex issues, we can guide you through them with ease and assurance.

Championing your rights

We do more than just go through the motions; we advocate for you at every turn. We aim to sort out all the legalities so you're set for the future, whatever it may hold. We're committed to making sure you're legally and emotionally prepared for the next chapter in your life.

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