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Adoption is a major step in life. If you are considering adopting, or contesting someone adopting your child, you should seek professional legal advice. Contact our experienced family law solicitors today to discuss your situation.

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Adoption LawyersWhat is adoption?

Adoption is when a child is legally placed in the care of non-biological parents for their wellbeing and they are no longer a member of their birth family. The same legal rights then apply to the family as they do to biological parents and children. Anyone over the age of 21 can be eligible to adopt, provided that they can provide a stable environment and life for a child.

There are different types of adoption depending on individual circumstances. You are able to adopt a child locally or internationally, as well as adopting whether you are a blood relative or not. You are also able to provide a stable home for a child up until they are eighteen years of age to prevent them being moved around care homes. If you are unsure about adoption and the procedure, it is best that you contact our family law team as soon as possible for the advice you need.


Our Family Law Specialists

Clare Peckett, Director & Family Law Solicitor

Clare Peckett

Director & Solicitor

Allan Layfield, Director & Family Law Solicitor

Allan Layfield

Director, Solicitor & Collaborative Lawyer

Toby Netting, Family Law Solicitor, Switalskis

Toby Netting

Solicitor & Collaborative Lawyer

Alison Kitchman, Family Law Solicitor

Alison Kitchman

Solicitor & Collaborative Lawyer

Andrew Baines, Family Mediator

Andrew Baines

Solicitor & Family Mediator

Louise Ryder Family Solicitor Switalskis

Louise Ryder


Chris Preston, Consultant Family Law Solicitor, Switalskis

Chris Preston

Consultant Solicitor

Judith Glynn, Consultant Family Solicitor - Switalskis

Judith Glynn

Consultant Solicitor

Sharron Hardman Solicitor - Family Law - Switalskis

Sharron Hardman

Solicitor & Collaborative Lawyer

Samantha Downes


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Catherine Cain


Maariyah Badat

Trainee Solicitor

How can Switalskis help me?

At Switalskis our family team includes experienced solicitors who are accredited by the Law Society in both Children Law and Family Law. This means their expertise has been rigorously and independently assessed. We have lawyers who specialise specifically in children law, who often work closely with our family lawyers to provide high quality service to our clients on matters involving children, including adoption proceedings.

To talk to our team call 0800 138 0458, or contact us through the website to arrange a consultation.

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"Thank you for all the valuable advice you gave me through my most difficult time and for helping me to achieve some closure."

Family Law Client

"I was very happy with the service provided and the way my case was handled."

Family Law Client

"They made sure I knew what the next steps were at each part of the process and made sure I was fully informed every step of the way. They were also very proactive in following up paperwork with the other solicitors on my behalf."

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