Switalskis Director qualifies under new Mental Capacity Law accreditation scheme

Switalskis’ Director Alison Kaye is leading the way in the field of Court of Protection work, becoming one of the first lawyers in Yorkshire to be accredited as a Legal Representative (ALR) under the Law Society’s new Mental Capacity (Welfare) Accreditation Scheme.

Lawyers qualifying under the new scheme must be able to demonstrate the necessary experience to represent the needs of vulnerable clients in the Court of Protection (CoP). The scheme has been devised by the Law Society in conjunction with the Court of Protection, in line with CoP rules which came into effect in 2017.

As an Accredited Legal Representative, Alison Kaye can be appointed by the court to represent vulnerable clients with or without the need for a litigation friend.

Alison said: “I am delighted to be accredited. I am committed to the work I do with vulnerable clients and their families and this accreditation provides them, and future clients, with assurance that I have the necessary experience to represent them in this complex area of law. They can be assured that I will do my very best to obtain the best outcome for them.”

Establishing the accreditation has been an important step forward in the continuing development of mental capacity law, according to Floyd Porter, Chief Assessor of the scheme, who in an update on the Law Society’s website stated:

“With an ageing population and the apparent increase in disorders of the mind through dementia or similar age-related conditions, mental capacity lawyers are becoming increasingly relevant and demand for our expertise is rising.

“The Law Society’s mental capacity (welfare) accreditation scheme is an important pillar in the professional development of solicitors working in mental capacity. It will also help to ensure that the CoP and the vulnerable people who use it always have access to trained and accredited mental capacity experts.”

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