Police comment on Medomsley Detention Centre charges

Following one of the country’s biggest investigations of its type, former members of staff at Medomsley Detention Centre, Durham, were summonsed on 21 November 2017 for alleged abuse and misconduct. The men have been named as Kevin Blakeley (65), Alan Bramley (69), Brian Greenwell (70), David McClure (62), John McGee (73), Christopher Onslow (71) and Neil Sowerby (61).

All seven men face allegations of misconduct in a public office. Some are charged with sexual, as well as physical, abuse offences and are due to appear for a first hearing at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates Court on 19 December 2017.

The men are facing charges after a long-running investigation, “Operation Seabrook”, undertaken by Durham police, looking into allegations of abuse at Medomsley Detention Centre. The inquiry team has received complaints from nearly 1,500 ex-inmates.

DCS Adrian Green from Durham police has stated that the charges “[Mark] a significant step forward in what has been, and continues to be, a long and complex investigation. Enquiries do not stop here – the Operation Seabrook team and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) remain committed in continuing to move the investigation forward. In February this year, we submitted 32 files to the CPS for charging decisions. A number of people are still under investigation so we do not rule out further charges in the future.”

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If you have been affected by abuse at Medomsley Detention Centre and wish to speak to a solicitor specialising in advice on abuse claims, call 0800 138 4700. Solicitors Rob Casey, Caroline Chandler and David Greenwood are assisting ex-inmates of Medomsley Detention Centre and have extensive experience of helping ex-inmates of detention centres and prisons.