Lucy Letby – Statement and information for the media


August 22, 2023 | By Marketing Team |

August 22, 2023 | By Marketing Team |

Statement and information for the media on behalf of Switalskis Solicitors, representing 7 babies who were victims of Lucy Letby in their civil claims against The Countess of Chester NHS Hospital Trust  

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Tamlin Bolton, a Senior Associate Solicitor at Switalskis is a specialist medical negligence lawyer who is representing the families of 7 babies who were victims of Lucy Letby. The neonatal nurse who worked at The Countess of Chester NHS Hospital Trust was found guilty on Friday 18th August 2023 of the murder and attempted murder of 13 babies.

Tamlin is available for interview by the press, whilst she cannot speak directly about the claims, she is able to be interviewed on the following:

  • The refusal of Letby to appear in court for her sentencing.
  • What’s next in terms of the civil claims against the Trust.
  • The failure of the Trust’s managers to listen and act upon the concerns that were made to them about Letby. From experience, this is sadly not an isolated incident of an NHS Trust’s poor management and governance.
  • Support calls for a Public Inquiry rather than the Independent Inquiry announced by the Government. A Public Inquiry can compel testimonies and the release of other forms of evidence.
  • The police review of the care of 4000 babies during Letby’s career at the Countess of Chester Hospital and Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

Tamlin Bolton says, “For the families we represent, the judgment and sentencing of Lucy Letby for her crimes will be a vindication of what they already suspected, and a devastating confirmation of the reality of what’s happened.

The fact that Letby refused to attend her sentencing hearing is the final insult. By not facing the consequences of her actions, it speaks of her complete disregard for not only for the damage she’s caused, but also to our judicial system. 

These verdicts don’t deliver answers to the further questions people have about what happened at The Countess of Chester NHS Hospital Trust, and we’re looking to support our families, and others who may be affected by the ongoing investigation through the inquiry and through any private civil claims they wish to bring.”

Suzanne Munroe, Director at Switalskis and Head of the Clinical Negligence team says: “Unfortunately, it is not the first time that we have seen Trust officials ignore warnings from their own staff. We saw this most recently with Nottingham University Hospital, where midwives raised issues to senior leadership team on the Trust board and no one listened. Sadly, we see it again with Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust where senior clinicians attempted to raise the alarm but officials failed to take notice. We welcome an inquiry into the circumstances, and we will support families through this process.”

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