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Spinal Cord Injury Awareness day 2023

By Maria Dallas

Published In: Brain and Spinal Injury

A spinal cord injury can have devastating consequences for the injured person and their family. It can change the way they live their life forever.

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Suffering an injury of this nature can be the start of a whole new life for some people but with the right support, they can go on to achieve things they never knew were possible. Whether that be a challenge that they had put off previously or simply just returning to a way of life they thought had been lost.

Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day is all about helping to understand how spinal cord injuries can affect people. It also helps to raise awareness and understanding of the treatment and support that can be available following injury, by other suffers, carers, professionals and the public.

With the right treatment and support, people who have suffered a spinal injury can go on to regain use of limbs and take part in activities they have always loved. And that treatment and support doesn’t just come from health professionals and carers. It can come from charities, support groups and even animals!

Here at Switalskis, we want to offer as much support as possible to anyone who has suffered a spinal cord injury. Our focus in pursuing any claim involving such an injury, is to ensure that the survivors and their families receive as much help and guidance as possible during the course of any claim. This can include putting them in touch with charities and organisations along the way.

Organisations such as the Spinal Injuries Association  provide a key role in this and can provide support and guidance to people who have suffered spinal injuries, as well as their families. They can provide useful information and signposting to other organisations and the wider support network. They can also take on campaigns for change and help with education on policies and procedure that are developed.

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