Family Law specialist Andrew Baines appearing at Northern Lights Conference

By Andrew Baines, Solicitor & Family Mediator, Family Law department

I was delighted to accept Brighter Future’s invitation to run a strategy workshop at the Northern Lights Conference in York on Friday 5th October 2018. It provides a great opportunity for collaborative lawyers and other connected professionals to learn something different – always helpful – and to socialise with friends old and new.

So what has strategy got to do with collaborative law? Collaborative law is a relatively recent development taking place at the cutting edge of dispute resolution. It has a short history, compared to the two-and-a-half-thousand year history of legal disputes being resolved through rational argument. Working together to find the best solution to a problem where there are “opposing camps” is different on many, many levels to concluding matters by deciding who has put forward the best argument – the traditional way of resolving matters through litigation. So there is a significant pull on collaborative lawyers to fall back on their traditional, non-collaborative skills when the going starts to get tough. By having a strategy in place which takes the practitioners and their clients through the collaborative process from beginning to end, that pull can more easily be resisted.

Choosing the collaborative process over the traditional court route is an enlightened choice. I have written an article as to what can underpin such a choice. That article may be found here (first published in Family Law Journal/Legalease, November 2014).

Similarly, I have written an article that sheds light on the use and abuse of power in the court system and that article may be found here (first published in Family Law Journal/Legalease, December 2017).

Experienced Solicitor and Family Mediator Andrew Baines will be hosting the workshop Coherent Strategy in Collaborative Practice at the Northern Lights family law conference on Friday 5th October 2018. To find out more about Andrew, click here.