Employment Lawyers for Employers

Employment Lawyers for Employers

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Navigating the world of employment law as an employer can be a tricky affair. From employee contracts and workplace policies to dispute resolution and tribunal representation, the complexities seem never-ending. That’s where Switalskis comes in.

We take these complicated matters and make them straightforward, offering you the kind of clear, expert advice that every employer needs. We understand that your focus should be on running your business effectively, not getting entangled in legal intricacies.

With a firm commitment to understanding your specific needs and circumstances, we’re here to be your go-to legal partner.

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How Switalskis can help you

Navigating employment law as an employer can be complex and often fraught with challenges. Whether you're dealing with employment contracts, handling disputes or making sure your business remains compliant, Switalskis is here to offer specialised employment law advice for employers.

Our employment lawyers for employers offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to support all aspects of employment law, from the drafting of robust employment contracts to offering strategic advice on complex legal challenges.

When you choose Switalskis, you're choosing a team of seasoned employment law solicitors for employers. Our expertise extends to various facets of employment law, making sure that whatever issue you're dealing with, we have the skills and experience to guide you through it.

Our goal is to form a long-term partnership with our clients. With our transparent fee structures and ongoing legal support, you can rest assured that you have a dedicated team of employment lawyers by your side. We provide regular updates and timely employment legal advice for employers, making sure that you’re never left wondering about the status of your case.

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Employment law advice for employers

Your journey with Switalskis starts with an in-depth consultation. We’ll assess your needs and current legal standing, allowing us to offer targeted employment law advice for employers from the beginning.

Here are some examples of the services we offer employers:

  • Contract drafting and review: the foundation of a secure employer-employee relationship lies in the contract. Our employment lawyers for employers are here to draft and review contracts that not only meet legal requirements but also service your business interests.
  • Employee relations and dispute resolution: relationships in the workplace can be complex. Whether you’re dealing with grievances, disciplinary actions or disputes, Switalskis offers employment law advice for employers to resolve matters smoothly and effectively.
  • Compliance and regulatory advice: in a world of ever-changing laws and regulations, staying compliant can be a full-time job. That’s why we provide clear and actionable employment law advice for employers, helping you navigate through compliance and regulatory frameworks with ease.
  • Tribunal representation: when disputes escalate, you need an experienced team by your side. We offer specialised tribunal representation, providing legal advice for employers you can trust during these difficult times.

The legal process can be lengthy and complicated. That’s why we provide ongoing support and regular updates, so you’re never left in the dark.

FAQs about employment law for employers

Is it legal to make redundancies?

Making redundancies is legal, provided you follow the proper procedures and regulations as laid out by employment law. If you’re considering making redundancies within your organisation, it’s important to adhere to statutory redundancy procedures and guidelines to make sure employees receive fair treatment and protect yourself against legal challenges. This usually involves consultation periods, adequate notice and appropriate redundancy payments, among other obligations.

Redundancies must be made on genuine grounds and should be the last resort after considering alternatives such as redeployment, reduced working hours or voluntary redundancies. Employment law solicitors, such as Switalskis, can provide expert advice to make sure that you’re complying with all relevant regulations and that the process is carried out as smoothly and fairly as possible.

Getting it wrong can be costly, both financially and in terms of your business’s reputation. Consulting professionals like Switalskis can provide you with the employment legal advice for employers that you need to navigate this complex area of law.

How can we best manage employee disputes?

Managing employee disputes can be a complex and delicate process. Here's a general overview of best practices that can guide you, although it's highly advisable to seek expert legal guidance for your specific circumstances. At Switalskis, we've got years of experience in providing employment law advice for employers on handling such matters.

  • Open communication is key. The first step is always to encourage open and honest communication. Many issues can be resolved informally through straightforward dialogue between the involved parties.
  • Documentation matters. Make sure to document each step in the resolution process. This will help if there are any questions later on, especially if legal actions are initiated.
  • Get HR involved. Your Human Resources department can be invaluable during disputes. They can mediate, offer guidance and make sure all company policies and laws are being followed.
  • Seek expert advice. Sometimes disputes become too complex or personal for an internal resolution. That's when you might need an employment lawyer. Switalskis offers comprehensive advice on employee relations and dispute resolution, making sure you’re taking the right steps to resolve the matter effectively and legally.
  • Transparent procedures. Having a clear and transparent dispute resolution process can help all parties understand what to expect. This should be detailed in your Employee Handbook so that everyone is aware of how such matters are handled.
  • Confidentiality and sensitivity. Both during and after resolution, maintaining confidentiality and sensitivity to all parties involved is vital. This helps to preserve relationships and minimises the risk of future disputes.

By taking a structured and legally sound approach to resolving employee disputes, you can maintain a more harmonious workplace while minimising the risk of legal repercussions. For more bespoke guidance tailored to your situation, Switalskis is here to help. Our employment lawyers for employers are well-versed in providing effective solutions and advice on dispute resolution.

What types of employment contracts can Switalskis help with?

At Switalskis, we offer comprehensive employment law services that cover a broad spectrum of employment types. Our aim is to make things as straightforward as possible for you, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business. Here's how we can help with different types of employment:

  • Permanent full-time employment. From drafting watertight contracts to advising on employee rights and benefits, we guide you through all the intricacies of full-time employment.
  • Part-time and flexible working. We offer advice on how to manage part-time or flexible work arrangements, including compliance with employment rights specifically aimed at these types of flexible working arrangements.
  • Fixed-term contracts. Managing employees on fixed-term contracts has its own set of rules. We can assist with contract creation, renewals and conversions to permanent status.
  • Freelancers and contractors. We help you navigate the complexities of working with freelancers and contractors, including clarifying employment status and maintaining compliance with IR35 regulations.
  • Zero-hours contracts. If you employ staff on zero-hours contracts, we'll help make sure your contracts are fair and compliant, and guide you through any employment issues that arise.
  • Apprenticeships. We can help you set up apprenticeship schemes that are mutually beneficial, making sure they comply with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Temporary staffing. We provide guidance on employing temporary staff, including those from staffing agencies, making sure you understand the legal obligations you have towards them.
  • Executive employment. For senior executives and high-level hires, we offer specialised advice that considers the unique complexities and responsibilities involved in these roles.
  • Remote working. We assist with policies and contracts for remote or home-based employees, including those from different jurisdictions if your company operates internationally.

If you need tailored advice on any of these employment types, our team of employment lawyers for employers is here to provide expert guidance, with clarity and empathy at every step.

What are our obligations regarding employee contracts?

When it comes to employee contracts, there are several key obligations you must fulfil as an employer. However, this is just a general overview and not a substitute for legal advice. For tailored guidance, Switalskis can provide expert employment law advice for employers.

  • Written statement of employment: in the UK, you need to provide all employees with a written statement of the main terms and conditions of employment within two months of their start date. This usually covers things like job title, salary, working hours, and place of work.
  • Clear terms: your contracts must be clearly worded to avoid any ambiguity. This protects both you and your employee from misunderstandings that could lead to disputes later on.
  • Abide by legal minimums: make sure your contracts meet or exceed statutory obligations related to minimum wage, working time and statutory benefits like holiday pay and parental leave.
  • Changes to contracts: generally, any changes to contracts should be mutually agreed upon. You must consult with employees or their representatives and get written consent for any changes. Some contracts contain clauses that allow for certain changes, but even then, major changes should be negotiated.
  • Contractual obligations: once the contract is in place, both parties are obligated to fulfil their side of the bargain. Breaching these can result in legal repercussions.
  • Confidentiality and data protection: it's often necessary to include clauses related to confidentiality and data protection, particularly if your employees have access to sensitive information.
  • Termination clauses: be clear about the circumstances under which an employee's contract can be terminated, and the notice periods of both parties.
  • Record-keeping: keep all contracts and related documents safe and confidential. You may need to produce these documents in case of disputes or inspections by regulatory bodies.
  • Legal review: have all contracts reviewed by legal experts like Switalskis. This allows you to make sure they are compliant with current employment law and protect both your business and your employees.

By staying compliant and clear with your employment contracts, you'll not only meet your legal obligations but also contribute to a more transparent and effective working environment. If you're looking for personalised advice, Switalskis' team of employment lawyers for employers is here to assist you.

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Why Switalskis?

Navigating the complexities of employment law can feel overwhelming, but with Switalskis at your side, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands. Here's why we're the right choice for employers seeking dedicated legal services.

Clarity in complexity

Employment law is often filled with intricate legal jargon that can be hard to understand. At Switalskis, we pride ourselves on making even the most complicated issues crystal clear. Our advice is straightforward and easy to understand, allowing you to make well-informed decisions for your business.

Empathy at every step

We understand that legal challenges can be stressful, not just for you but for your entire organisation. That's why we approach every case with genuine empathy. We're not just here to offer legal advice; we're here to support you through the emotional ups and downs as well.

Expertise you can trust

Switalskis has a long-standing reputation for providing top-notch legal services. Our team of employment lawyers for employers is well-versed in all aspects of employment law. From compliance and regulatory advice to contract drafting and dispute resolution, we offer a wealth of expertise you can depend on.

Championing your rights

We don't just offer advice; we actively advocate for you. Whether it's representing you at a tribunal or negotiating settlements, we stand firm in protecting your interests. We're committed to achieving the best outcomes, always keeping your business objectives at the forefront.

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