Thor and Stanley – life-saving canines with the waggiest tails


May 30, 2018 | By Ruth Tucker |

May 30, 2018 | By Ruth Tucker |

We were delighted to attend the Support Dogs’ Charity Showcase Reception at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield in May.

My colleague, Linda Smith, and I met some amazing canines (and their trainers). And we were all in good company as the Lord Mayor of Sheffield and the Master and Mistress Cutler were also in attendance.

There was Stanley, a seizure response dog with the waggiest tail! Stanley responds when his owner has a seizure by pulling an alarm in the house to alert carers. He also helps out by opening doors and picking up dropped items. He has given his owner a whole new lease of life, as they are able to leave the house without the anxiety of having a seizure and not being able to summon help.

Support Dogs are a charity that train assistance dogs for people with autism, epilepsy or physical disability. They adapt the dog’s training to suit the client’s needs, whilst also matching personalities to create lifelong partnerships. The dogs are truly incredible and can change a client’s life dramatically.

Support Dogs is the only charity in the UK to train seizure alert dogs – that is, dogs that can alert their owners before they have a seizure. This gives them time to find help or get into a safe place. Man’s best friend can also make sure their owner is covered with a blanket so they don’t get cold.

We also met Thor, an autism assistance dog who helps keep a 6-year-old safe and away from dangers. Thor gives the child confidence and helps calm them and, in doing so, gives the whole family a real sense of freedom in being able to get out and about.

One person described their dog as their “best friend” and another as being absolutely “transformational”. After seeing what these dogs have to offer, I have to agree: they are absolutely life-changing.

Behind our cases there is always a story and some of our clients, who have the most complex of care needs, long for the independence they once enjoyed. By resourcing all care amenities, such as a support dog, within claims, we at Switalskis have the experience to ensure clients can rebuild their lives after negligence.


Ruth Tucker

Ruth is a solicitor within our Medical Negligence team in Sheffield. She has worked in the legal profession since October 2010 and qualified as a solicitor in June 2015. She joined Switalskis Medical Negligence department in November 2016. Ruth's profile