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Professional, compassionate legal advice for victims of injury and abuse

If you've suffered abuse or experienced life-changing injuries, our specialist teams can help you plan for the future and get the compensation you deserve for your suffering. Among others, our expertise includes brain injury, serious injury, child abuse and professional abuse.

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Personal Injury and Abuse Solicitors - SwitalskisHow do I claim for compensation for injury or abuse?

If you've suffered an injury or abuse we strongly recommend that you get professional legal advice as soon as you can. There are certain time limitations for some types of claim, but if you contact us for advice we can tell you promptly whether or not you have a valid claim.

Both injuries and abuse can be life-changing and we provide the advice you need to ensure that you are compensated as fully as possible for all of the many ways that your life can be affected. The areas we specialise in include:

Personal Injury:


The way that you claim for compensation and the amount you are able to claim will depend greatly depending on the nature of the injury or abuse you have suffered. If you speak to one of our specialist teams, they will be able to give specific advice that is relevant to your circumstances. If you're unsure who to speak to, call us on 0800 138 0458 or send a brief message through the website and we'll direct your message to the appropriate department to call you back.

Why should I deal with Switalskis?

We recognise that suffering a severe injury or abuse is very distressing. As experienced specialists in these areas of the law, we know that it can be very difficult to discuss your experiences with anyone. We make it as easy as we can for you to feel comfortable getting the advice you need. We have male and female lawyers available to speak with you and can arrange home visits so that you feel more at ease and able to talk.


Our Injury & Abuse specialists

David Greenwood Child Abuse Solicitor

David Greenwood

Director & Solicitor

Rob Casey - Child Abuse Solicitor & Director - Switalskis

Rob Casey

Director & Solicitor Advocate

Mark Hollinghurst - Solicitor, Brain Injury and Professional Abuse

Mark Hollinghurst

Director & Solicitor

Ewan Bain Serious Injury Solicitor - Switalskis Doncaster

Ewan Bain


Julie Wilkinson - Switalskis Solicitors, Brain & Serious Injury

Julie Wilkinson

Litigation Executive

Amy Clowrey - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis, Yorkshire & UK

Amy Clowrey

Associate Solicitor

Helen Hughes - Child Abuse Solicitor, Switalskis

Helen Hughes

Associate Solicitor

Cheryl Burfield Litigation Executive - Brain & Serious Injury

Cheryl Burfield

Litigation Executive

Professional Abuse Lawyer - Victoria Thackstone - Switalskis Doncaster

Victoria Thackstone

Litigation Executive

Sally Smith Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Sally Smith

Associate Solicitor

Carole Spencer - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Carole Spencer

Associate Solicitor

Caroline Chandler - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Caroline Chandler


Kieran Chatterton - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Kieran Chatterton


Paul Durkin - Child Abuse Solicitor, Switalskis

Paul Durkin


Samantha Follows


Bev Mercer - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Bev Mercer


Sheryl Greenwood Child Abuse Compensation Team

Sheryl Greenwood

Legal Clerk

David Reed - Child Abuse Lawyer - Switalskis

David Reed


Lesley Graves, Professional Support Lawyer

Lesley Graves

Solicitor & Professional Support Lawyer