Negligence by Psychotherapists and Counsellors

We have pursued many cases relating to negligent treatment by psychotherapists and counsellors, and recognise that psychotherapy and counselling which is below standard is very damaging to the Client. We are experienced in pursuing cases relating to many different types of psychotherapy and counselling.

There can be many ways in which psychotherapy and counselling can go wrong.  Every case is individual and every Client has their own unique experience.  The following are just examples of what can occur (in no particular order):

  • Failing to explain at the outset the style of psychotherapy or counselling;
  • Failing to establish a sufficiently clear working contract;
  • Changing days/times of sessions or cancelling sessions with insufficient notice;
  • Inappropriately increasing or decreasing the frequency of sessions;
  • Allowing sessions to go on for too long;
  • Holding sessions at inappropriate venues or times;
  • Acting in an aggressive, critical and abusive way;
  • Being directive or opinionated;
  • Being over friendly;
  • Encouraging over-dependency;
  • Disclosing personal details and life experiences;
  • Giving or accepting gifts;
  • Encouraging overuse of telephone, e-mail, text or social media contact between sessions;
  • Inappropriate comment relating to the Client’s appearance or dress;
  • Social contact outside sessions;
  • Blaming the Client for ‘not wanting to get better’;
  • Failing to address issues adequately;
  • Abruptly terminating treatment.

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