Client Testimonials

Below are some comments from past clients who have worked with Mark Hollinghurst and Victoria Thackstone.

“Victoria has been a pleasure to deal with. I have been impressed by her meticulous attention to detail, prompt and courteous responses and thorough explanation of the procedure in response to my queries. I can also highly recommend her in respect of the empathy and compassion shown whilst dealing with highly personal matters. The service could not have been better!”

“My communication with Victoria has always been responded to quickly and clearly. I have felt safe in her advice and always, always treated with respect. Having had a history of abuse from professionals it is so hard to trust – Victoria, and your Firm, have given me, so much from your care and thoughtful approach…That is the greatest “win” for me.”

“Victoria was professional, forthright, clear and had good boundaries exactly what I needed after receiving the opposite from the person who had harmed me. I felt confident that the legal advice [Victoria] gave me was offered with my best interests at heart.”

“Victoria is a nice person, easy to speak to and very understanding. [Victoria] didn’t once make me feel uneasy when I was speaking with her about delicate matters. Thank you Victoria.”

“I have been pleased and impressed by the professionalism of all the staff I have had contact with especially Victoria, who has ensured I have been kept updated throughout. I have felt no pressure at all at any stage of the process and I have been treated with respect and honesty which I have greatly appreciated.”

“Victoria and Mark have an outstanding knowledge about the effects of Professional Abuse. Always understanding, patient and Victoria kept me fully informed of everything during the legal process. Cannot thank her or Mark enough.”

“At all times received sensitive, professional and caring help. At a time when things were very difficult. I will always be grateful for this team’s human approach. Thank you!”

“Victoria made what would have been a stressful experience, stress-less. Everything was explained to me very clearly, without legal jargon, every step of the way. Questions were answered immediately, always in a friendly but professional manner. I am delighted with the outcome and the whole process was made seamless by the brilliant team, especially Victoria. Thank you very much. I appreciate all your time and effort you have put into my case and I am so pleased I went ahead with it after the BACP hearing. I don’t think that I would be in the good place that I am now if I hadn’t gone down this route. I didn’t find it at all stressful and I hope others will do the same if they encounter a rogue therapist.”

“Victoria was always very patient, helpful and provided excellent guidance and advice throughout my case … When I began the case I was in part doubtful of a successful outcome and had a very negative impression of what Solicitors would be like. I am very pleased to say this was totally wrong! And the support I received was excellent. You have always been a pleasure to deal with, I’ve always found your advice and guidance to be really helpful and its led to a successful outcome on my case – which was something at one point I never thought would be possible. I am really grateful to you for your help to get to this stage, and for being so patient and understanding so I would like to say a really big thank you, it’s been emotional and at times very difficult but now it’s finished I am deeply grateful to you for the support I’ve had to get here.”

“Although my case was unable to proceed further I have found my contact with you to be very positive experience. You have always acted with openness and sensitivity.”

“My claim may have been seen as insignificant to others but it was extremely important to me. I found it was very emotional to deal with it but Victoria Thackstone made the whole process easy, she took care of everything and achieved the best possible outcome.”

“Excellent service – very informative and supportive.”

“The service I received from Mark and Victoria was excellent. Was always encouraged to make contact if I had any worries, if I was unable to speak to someone straight away, I would get a call back the same day, usually within the hour which I found a great help. I never once felt awkward due to the sensitive nature of the claim, although having to go through the paperwork and having to relive the past was sometimes too much to bear, Mark and Victoria were extremely supportive. I can safely say I was never let down by my team. I now feel I can start to put the dreadful events of abuse behind me and start to move on with my life. Many thanks to you all.”

“I can’t fault the hard work and support I received from both Mark and Victoria. They have been everything I could have hoped for and have helped me far more than anyone else.”

“Thank you for your caring, sensitive approach to my case and for all your hard work. I would not hesitate to highly recommend your services to future Clients.”

“I was extremely happy and even though I was behind with letters and correspondence the staff were always helpful. I could have easily given up if I hadn’t been so supported. Winning this case has given me strength and confidence that I didn’t have to be the victim anymore.”

“I am absolutely delighted with Mark Hollinghurst and Victoria Thackstone … has been patient and incredible supportive of me for the 3 years that I have been in contact with you. I have been terribly impressed by the honesty, integrity and dedication of the professionals who worked on my case. Moreover, they took on my case when many London firms told me there was little hope of success. I am so thankful to both Mark and Victoria, they are the reason that a settlement was reached. I am very happy with them and this settlement will enable me to move forward with my life…finally.”

“I am delighted with the quality of service I received from Mark Hollinghurst and his team. They kept me informed at every stage of the process. Their understanding of the complex issues involved was very impressive. They had a very realistic approach to the case as it developed. They were thorough and efficient through the whole process.”

“I feel so fortunate to have found a solicitor who specialises in therapy abuse as such cases are very complex to comprehend. Being able to express my feelings to Mark who understood and had dealt with similar cases was extremely important and therapeutic during a very difficult time in my life. Thank you to Mark and Victoria for always being so kind and approachable.”

“Very professional and informed experience. I felt contained by Mark at all times. He showed immense sensitivity, humanity and understanding.”

“Mark and his team at all stages of dealing with my case kept me updated and informed of procedures, dates/costs etc. I was dealt with professionally at all stages either via telephone or face to face interviews. The subject matter was of a sensitive nature, Mark expertly posed questions and gathered material with an excellent empathic manner.”

“I chose Mark after doing a lot of research into my options and I was impressed with him and his team from the outset. This was a very difficult case for me and I had originally made up my mind to choose a female solicitor based in London – it’s a testament to Mark’s professionalism, skill and character that I ended up with a male solicitor based in Doncaster. On a professional level, he and his team were always completely informed, courteous and prompt at responding to my – many – queries. On a personal level – and this was a very personal case – I found Mark to be supportive and extremely knowledgeable about the issues surrounding my case which made this difficult process much easier for me. I have no doubts at all that I chose the right person … for me and my case.”

“I am writing to express the high regard that you and your team are held in by this service. The Directors here have recommended your services for many years and have always had exemplary reports about both your legal skills and knowledge, and the detailed understanding of this client group (survivors of professional abuse). We remain impressed by the consistently high standards of client care, sensitive to the individual and the attention to detail that I s needed in these complex cases.”

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