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What our clients say…

Victoria has been a pleasure to deal with. I have been impressed by her meticulous attention to detail, prompt and courteous responses and thorough explanation of the procedure in response to my queries. I can also highly recommend her in respect of the empathy and compassion shown whilst dealing with highly personal matters. The service could not have been better!

Therapy & Professional Abuse Client

Victoria was professional, forthright, clear and had good boundaries exactly what I needed after receiving the opposite from the person who had harmed me. I felt confident that the legal advice [Victoria] gave me was offered with my best interests at heart.

Therapy & Professional Abuse Client

Victoria and Mark have an outstanding knowledge about the effects of Professional Abuse. Always understanding, patient and Victoria kept me fully informed of everything during the legal process. Cannot thank her or Mark enough.

Therapy & Professional Abuse Client

Working under the supervision of Mark Hollinghurst the Director and Head of the Department, Victoria Thackstone will be your main point of contact in the Therapy & Professional Abuse Department.

We offer legal advice and support for people who have been harmed by someone in a position of trust in a medical or therapy setting.

For many years we have successfully pursued civil claims relating to negligent and abusive treatment, and the breach of appropriate personal boundaries by psychotherapists, counsellors and many other healthcare professionals, whether it be in a private or NHS setting. This is a highly specialised area of law which not only requires legal knowledge, but a psychological understanding and empathy of what the client has been through.

In order to provide effective treatment a practitioner should maintain professional boundaries and ensure that the client, who is often in a vulnerable position, does not start to see the practitioner as anything other than a paid professional who is only in their life to help them at that time. The practitioner should also endeavour to offer a treatment plan which is appropriate to the issues raised by the client. The practitioner should be competent in the treatment they are providing and should take advice and guidance if they feel they are “out of their depth”. The client should be able to trust the practitioner and know that the treatment being offered is the right treatment for them.

The breach of personal boundaries may be emotional, physical, personal, sexual, business or financial, sometimes a combination. The professional may have provided negligent treatment. There may have been a combination of issues.

Please do not hesitate to make contact if you are unsure if your experience falls into this area of law. Initial contact is free of charge and without obligation.

We always act on behalf of the client, never the professional/practitioner. We act for clients throughout the UK and we aim to give clear advice. We are used to working with clients long-distance and establish clear and effective ways of communicating with you during the course of the legal process.

The type of healthcare professionals we have pursued claims against is wide-ranging and includes psychotherapists, counsellors, psychiatrists, psychologists, community psychiatric nurses, GPs and health and social care professionals, to name a few.

If a claim for damages is to be pursued, we will discuss with you the options relating to the funding of legal costs, to include the possibility of a “no win, no fee” option. We realise this can be an area of concern and, so far as possible, we aim to reduce any financial risk. We do not ask you to commit to pursuing a claim until you are happy to do so, and we are happy to discuss your options over an extended period of time.

We will consider carefully with you where you are up to in terms of psychological processing and recovery. We take time to explore in initial discussions how far you feel you may be able to go in a litigation process, and often see clients gathering strength and power as a case progresses towards a resolution.

Have you been affected by adult abuse? Speak to specialist Therapy and Professional Abuse lawyer Victoria Thackstone by calling 0800 012 9085, or contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.


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