Therapy and Professional Abuse Solicitors

Legal advice and support for people who have been harmed by someone in a position of trust in a medical or therapy setting

Abuse by healthcare professionals can take an emotional, physical, financial or sexual form, can include negligent treatment, or can sometimes be a combination of the factors listed above.

These types of adult abuse cases involve a breach of the personal boundaries between the patient or client and the professional, particularly in psychotherapy or counselling. Often cases will relate to the erosion of the appropriate boundaries over a period of time, leading to emotional or sexual abuse.

Our lawyers assist with claims arising from a breach of trust in a range of settings, including negligence or abuse by:

  • Mental healthcare professionals such as counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists or psychiatrists
  • Mental health social workers and other mental health and social care practitioners
  • GPs and other clinicians
  • GUM health advisors, gynaecologists and other sexual and reproductive health specialists
  • Hypnotherapists, homeopaths and other alternative therapy specialists

About our therapy and professional abuse lawyers

Our Adult Abuse team act on behalf of clients in a wide range of claims against healthcare professionals for abusive or negligent treatment that has taken place in a private or NHS setting. The team advises clients throughout England and Wales, and has particular experience and expertise in dealing with civil claims involving psychotherapists and counsellors, as well as many other healthcare professionals in a mental health setting.

The team is led by Director and Solicitor Mark Hollinghurst, who has a wealth of experience acting on behalf of adults who have suffered abuse by clinicians, psychotherapists and counsellors. Over the last 20 years Mark has taken a pioneering role in pursuing such cases.

To speak to Mark Hollinghurst about your case, please call 01302 279750.

Advice following a breach of trust

We understand that it can be difficult to put your trust in another professional following a breach of personal boundaries. You need to be able to trust your lawyer, and we aim to offer a safe and secure environment in which you can discuss your claim.

We will support you throughout your claim to help you get the compensation and closure you deserve.

We also work closely with the Clinic for Boundary Studies who support patients who have been affected by issues relating to adult abuse.

Have you been affected by adult abuse? Speak to specialist Adult Abuse Solicitor Mark Hollinghurst, or another member of our professional team, by calling 01302 279750 or contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.


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