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Additional Information for Prospective Clients – Please read carefully:

Giving Information

In providing you with our costs for conveyancing services, we will ask you a series of questions. Please make sure you answer these accurately to ensure that the quotation matches your personal circumstances as closely as possible. Failure to do so may result in a higher amount being due.

Additional Fees

Whilst we always try to be as comprehensive as possible, there may be circumstances not covered by the questions, which may result in additional fees being chargeable during the transaction. At the bottom of your quotation you will find a list of potential additional charges. You will find some additional fees listed which will be covered by the questions, and some which will not. Each one will be a fixed fee. Please make sure that you read through these carefully.

Recommendations from Commercial Third Parties

You may be entitled to preferential rates if you are dealing with one of our commercial referrers, but please be aware that these preferential rates are not available online. We work with a number of estate agents,  housebuilders and other third parties. If you are dealing with third parties for your purchase, refer to any pricing information they have provided you with, or contact us for a quotation.

Price & Terminology

The quote you receive from us will have two parts to it.

1. Legal Fees

These are the legal and administrative fees which are charged by and payable to our firm for the work that we carry out on your behalf. VAT is payable and the quote will show a full breakdown of the fees and the VAT element for your records.

2. Expenses (or “Disbursements”)

These are payments we make on your behalf as part of the conveyancing process. They will be paid to – among others – Local Authorities, search providers, HM Land Registry or HMRC. The relevant expenses will be included in your quote along with an explanation of each.

Your Conveyancing Quotation

To get a quotation for conveyancing, simply enter your details in the form below. You should be able to get a quotation within just a few minutes. However, if you have any problems or queries, simply contact us through the website or call us on 0800 138 0458

A Guide to Conveyancing Transactions

If you’d like to find out more about conveyancing transactions and the different stages in the process, view our simple guide to conveyancing transactions.

Our Conveyancing Lawyers

Your transaction will be dealt with by one of our experienced conveyancing specialists. You can find out more about each of our team by clicking their profile photos below.