Conclusion of the Inquest

The word “verdict” is no longer used because that is used in criminal proceedings.

Verdicts are now known as conclusions.

Conclusions may not be framed in such a way as to appear to determine any question of:

  1. criminal liability on the part of a named person; or
  2. civil liability.

Generally, the Coroner uses one of the short-form conclusion from the following list:

  • Accident or misadventure
  • Alcohol or drug related
  • Industrial disease
  • Lawful or unlawful killing
  • Natural causes
  • Open
  • Road traffic collision
  • Stillbirth
  • Suicide

As an alternative, or in addition to one of the short-form conclusions above, the coroner (or jury) may give a narrative conclusion.

The inquest proceedings are recorded. It is possible to obtain a copy of the recording on a CD.

Information obtained at the inquest can be very useful when assessing a claim for medical negligence.


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