Housing Law

If you're facing a housing problem, expert legal advice could be invaluable.

Our experienced housing law solicitors provide expert advice and representation to tenants and homeowners on a variety of legal issues. Our housing lawyers are based in Leeds but regularly see clients at our offices across Yorkshire.

At Switalskis, we know how devastating housing problems like serious disrepair, the threat of eviction or homelessness can be for our clients and their families. Our Housing Law experts will listen sympathetically to your difficulties and offer sensible, practical advice on action you could take if things have begun to go wrong. Where necessary, we can help you to argue your case through negotiations with your landlord or their solicitor, or can act on your behalf in Court proceedings.

We also understand that sometimes, people struggling to cope with a housing problem only approach a solicitor for housing law advice when the situation has become quite serious and that in cases like this, swift action may be necessary to avoid the escalation of the issue into a crisis.