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Our family lawyers are experienced specialists who can help with all family law matters … whether you’re just getting together or going through relationship breakdown. Whatever your family law issue, we provide the help you need.

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Help with divorce and dissolution of civil partnership

Our friendly family law solicitors are on hand to help with divorce, separation and the breakdown of civil partnerships. Our services include fixed fee divorce or dissolution, and expert advice and representation for when you need support to resolve disagreements about children or financial disputes.

We offer a range of approaches to divorce and family breakdown, so whether you need a strong advocate to help fight your corner or are looking for a non-confrontational approach, we can help.

We can also offer alternatives to court, such as collaborative law and family mediation – options which can reduce the cost of divorce and may give you greater control over the process than going to court.

Unmarried couples

If you’re going through a split but aren’t married, you may need specialist advice to sort out financial matters with your ex-partner. Where property and finances are concerned, the law for unmarried couples is different to that for married couples or civil partners. Our family lawyers are experienced in cases where cohabitation has broken down. We can advise you on the law and help you resolve financial disputes.

Planning for the future

If you’re planning a wedding or set to move in together, we can offer a range of services including prenuptial agreements or cohabitation agreements. We can also help with wills, whether you’re getting married or starting a new life after divorce or separation.


Adoption is a very specialist area of law, and if you’re planning to adopt a child, the advice of a specialist solicitor could be invaluable. With a wealth of experience in dealing with adoption cases, our team can advise and support you throughout the adoption process. We can also offer expert advice if someone is trying to adopt your child and you wish to object.

Domestic abuse: helping you to stay safe

Our family law solicitors are committed to providing the support and advice that can help keep you safe. With a 24-hour domestic abuse helpline, we’re able to advise on the legal aspects of domestic abuse any time, day or night. Just call 0800 138 5536 for specialist advice.

We can offer legal aid for victims of domestic abuse, subject to meeting the Legal Aid Agency’s eligibility criteria. Our family lawyers are also highly experienced in obtaining emergency injunctions to help keep you safe.

We’ve developed excellent links with victim’s refuges and domestic abuse support agencies throughout the Yorkshire region, and have become a trusted firm for many groups who support victims affected by domestic violence.

Forced marriage: expert help in a crisis

Forced marriage is a criminal offence, and there are also provisions within civil law to help prevent anyone being forced to marry against their will. Switalskis Director, Razia Jogi, has expert knowledge in this area of law, and is co-author of an essential handbook for solicitors on forced marriage. If you’re concerned that you, or someone close to you, will be forced to marry – either in the UK or abroad – call us for advice.

Free half-hour consultation with your family lawyer

Contact our friendly and helpful family law team on 0800 138 0458 to arrange a free half-hour consultation. During your consultation, you can explain your situation and discuss your options with a specialist family lawyer. If appropriate, we’ll also assess your eligibility for legal aid.

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Thank you for all the valuable advice you gave me through my most difficult time and for helping me to achieve some closure.

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I was very happy with the service provided and the way my case was handled.

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