Grief Awareness Week


December 8, 2022 | By Clare Gooch |

December 8, 2022 | By Clare Gooch |

Grief is a process that every individual can relate to. It is often described as a physical and psychological pain so intense it consumes every part of you. It can comprise of a sequence of emotions such as shock, anger, frustration, denial, depression, acceptance and hope. Sadly, many of us have already experienced grief and the emotions it brings, where others may just be starting that process and some waiting for it to come. 

We represent many families who have been greatly affected by Medical Negligence. Some have sadly lost babies and loved ones. Some have suffered a life altering injury or lost a part of their life that they will never get back.

We recognise that the process of grief carries a heavy weight of emotions that can be uncontrollable and spontaneous. We also recognise that Medical Negligence Claims resulting in death or a life altering injury leads to many unanswered questions, which intensifies the grieving process. 

At Switalskis, we strive to ensure that our clients feel fully supported throughout their Medical Negligence claim. We provide a safe space for our clients to express their emotions and feelings so they can tell us how they really feel. We strive to investigate and provide answers to unanswered questions. We attempt to help fill in the pieces of the puzzle that are missing by assisting with inquests and where possible we try to hold those responsible accountable for their actions that have led to these events. 

If you have feel you have suffered as a result of Medical Negligence, please get in touch so that we can begin to support you.

Clare Gooch

Clare is an experienced clinical negligence solicitor specialising in claims relating to birth injury, maternal birth injury, delay in diagnosis and misdiagnosis. Clare's profile