New divorce laws plan to help couples split more quickly and amicably


April 9, 2019 | By Marketing Team |

April 9, 2019 | By Marketing Team |

Divorce has been a major focus recently following the split of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife Mackenzie, whose marriage was officially dissolved in April 2019. This was the most expensive settlement in history of over $35 billion.

Following this, it has just been announced that divorce laws in England and Wales will be changed so as to reduce the need for blame in divorces. Couples will no longer have to claim their spouse committed adultery, acted unreasonably, or that they have lived apart for at least two years. They will only have to say that the marriage has broken down with no way of resolution.

Justice Secretary David Gauke revealed to BBC News that the reforms would come into effect “when parliamentary time allows.”

This will also mean that one person cannot oppose a divorce application made by the other. The Supreme Court rejected Mrs Tini Owen’s divorce appplication opposed by her husband on the basis that he had not acted unreasonably and she was just unhappy. The laws are now changing because of Mrs Owen’s case, and in future couples will be allowed to apply for a joint divorce.

There is to be a miniumum period of six months between the start and conclusion of the divorce process,  to allow the parties to reflect upon their situation and look to consider any other matters such as their finances and the arrangements for their children.

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