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If your civil partnership has broken down, or you and your partner are encountering difficulties, we appreciate this can be a very stressful time. However, it is important that you seek expert legal advice regarding a number of issues including in respect of financial assets and arrangements for children. If a decision has been made that your relationship is at an end, this advice can also include guiding you through the dissolution process.

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What is a Dissolution?

A civil partnership affords similar rights and responsibilities to you and your partner to those of a married couple. As a result, civil partners are regarded the same as married couples if proceedings are brought to dissolve the civil partnership, although there are some procedural differences, so it is often important that you seek legal assistance.

As in divorce proceedings, a dissolution can be sought after one year of being in the partnership. To be eligible for a dissolution, the person seeking to dissolve the partnership must state one of the following grounds has occurred :

  • Unreasonable behaviour - there are many ways in which this ground could be applicable to you and it does not always require serious allegations of conduct to be raised.
  • Separation for a period of 2 years, if your partner consents to the dissolution.
  • Desertion or Separation for a period of 5 years with or without consent from your spouse.

If you are unsure about the grounds of a dissolution, the process, or the effect a dissolution may have upon financial assets or children, please contact our expert legal team who will be on hand to provide you with the advice and guidance you may need.

Our team includes professionals who are experienced in this area of law and we can help you navigate what can be a stressful and upsetting time in your life.

What is the dissolution process?

In many ways the process is similar to divorce for married couples, but there are some differences and so it is important that you seek expert legal advice.

As in divorce, the process will begin with a petition, setting out why it is felt that a dissolution should occur. This is an important document for many reasons and our legal team can provide you with the support and guidance you need to ensure the petition is prepared correctly.

There are various stages to the dissolution process, but at the appropriate time the court will issue a conditional order if it is satisfied a dissolution should be granted and if the procedure has been correctly followed. The final stage of the process is the final order officially dissolving the partnership

How Long Does a Dissolution Take?

Timescales in dissolution proceedings can vary for a number of different reasons. If there are no unexpected delays, the process may be completed in 6-8 months.

What happens if my partner dies?

In the event that your civil partner should unexpectedly pass away the same rights will apply to you as those of a married couple. This means that you have a claim to your partners estate and you may be entitled to inheritance, even if dissolution proceedings have begun.

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How can Switalskis help me?

Our team of family law solicitors realise that every case is unique, offering a friendly and sensitive service. We will guide you through the whole process and ensure that you are informed of every update. Our legal experts have experience in handling many varied dissolutions.

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