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March 10, 2016 | By Sarah Cookson |

March 10, 2016 | By Sarah Cookson |

When buying a new home it is a good idea to arrange a survey of the property, whether it is required by a mortgage lender or not. By having a survey done you can ensure that you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

A survey, also known as a valuation, is carried out by a surveyor who will inspect the property and then provide a report as to its condition. They will also provide confirmation as to the correct value of the property.

A survey must be carried out on behalf of the mortgage lender where anyone is getting a mortgage. There are 3 ‘levels’ of surveys that can be undertaken:

1. Valuation for mortgage purposes. This is purely for the protection of the mortgage lender and is not very detailed. It should not be relied upon by the purchaser.

2. Homebuyers Survey. This is a more in-depth survey that a purchaser can have carried out, regardless of whether they are obtaining mortgage finance. The report provides detailed information about the property and its condition, together with a statement of the value of the property.

3. Structural Engineers Report. This is will be carried out in circumstances where the surveyor who had undertaken the initial survey of the property believes that it is not structurally safe.

If a person is obtaining a mortgage when buying a property, a valuation for mortgage purposes must always be undertaken. However, as mentioned above, a buyer cannot rely on this report due to the lack of detail, and therefore we would always recommend that a homebuyer’s survey is carried out in addition.

Where the purchase is not reliant on a mortgage and the buyer is buying ‘for cash’ it is always advisable to have a homebuyer’s survey carried out. Not only does the report provide detail about the condition of the property but also confirms the value of the property.


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