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If you suffered from child abuse whilst under the care of a children's home, talking to anyone about this can be very distressing. We will hear what you have to say and can help you establish whether or not you are entitled to claim for compensation to help you move forward from such a bad experience.

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Childrens Home Abuse SolicitorWhat is child abuse and how does it occur in children's homes?

Child abuse is any action that causes harm to a child. It could be sexual, physical or emotional and could be carried out by an adult or another child. In some instances - such as if someone abuses children in the course of their employment - the employer or organisation can be found liable for the abuse.

Child abuse can happen in children's homes, because the sector suffers significantly from a lack of funding and inadequate regulation. In the past, awareness of the need to safeguard children against abuse was lacking and the measures put in place to protect children were ineffective.

The children themselves can be subjected to abuse or even drawn into criminal activity. They often tolerate abuse and engage in criminal activity simply because they have no alternative and fear the repercussions of not doing so. This pattern can then continue for many years, causing long-lasting psychological damage to victims.

How can legal advice help me?

If you have suffered abuse, taking legal advice might well be the first time you have spoken to anyone about it. If this is the case, you will not be alone. Many abuse victims find that, whilst it may be distressing to begin with, speaking to a solicitor about their experiences is a weight off their mind.

You may be unsure as to whether or not your experiences actually amount to abuse and you might also worry about not being believed about the abuse you were subjected to. As experienced specialists in child abuse claims - including many against children's homes and public bodies - you can be sure that we are familiar with the type and extent of abuse that can occur and will take your account of your experiences very seriously.

Once we know all of the facts we can advise you whether or not you have a realistic chance of achieving compensation and give you options as to how best to proceed. Some child abuse claims can be eligible for free Legal Aid funding. If you're eligible, we're very experienced in applying for Legal Aid funding on behalf of clients and can help you with this. If Legal Aid funding isn't available, we may be able to work on a 'no win no fee' basis. We will discuss funding with you once we have explored the details of your case.

Our Child Abuse Compensation specialists

David Greenwood Child Abuse Solicitor, Wakefield

David Greenwood

Director & Solicitor

Rob Casey - Child Abuse Solicitor & Director - Switalskis

Rob Casey

Director & Solicitor Advocate

Amy Clowrey - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis, Yorkshire & UK

Amy Clowrey

Director & Solicitor

Helen Hughes - Child Abuse Solicitor, Switalskis

Helen Hughes

Associate Solicitor

Sally Smith Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Sally Smith

Associate Solicitor

Carole Spencer - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Carole Spencer

Associate Solicitor

Caroline Chandler - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Caroline Chandler


Kieran Chatterton - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Kieran Chatterton


Samantha Follows - Child Abuse Solicitor - Switalskis

Samantha Follows


Sheryl Greenwood Child Abuse Compensation Team

Sheryl Greenwood

Legal Clerk

David Reed - Child Abuse Lawyer - Switalskis

David Reed


How can Switalskis help me?

At Switalskis we not only have a team of experienced specialists in child abuse compensation, but have also made many claims against children's homes and local authorities for abuse suffered whilst in their care. This includes 'class-action' claims where multiple victims have claimed against the same organisation for repeated failings in their safeguarding of children.

All of our child abuse compensation team are very aware of how distressing it can be to discuss past child abuse and have helped many others through this process. You can speak to them by phone or in person. Where possible we look to offer a home visit so that you feel more at ease and can speak freely. If you have a preference for speaking to a male or female solicitor, this can also be arranged.

Call our free, confidential child abuse helpline on 0800 138 4700 or contact us through the website if you'd like to discuss your circumstances with one of our solicitors.

What our clients say

"I can't thank Mr Rob Casey enough for his help. He has been very professional, tactful and honest when needed."

Child Abuse Compensation Client

"I found Sally Smith and Switalskis Solicitors very honest and helpful in handling my case. I am happy with the outcome but my children should not have had to go through this. Thank you."

Child Abuse Compensation Client

"David Greenwood and Switalskis are the best firm in the country. They are so honest, put the clients interests above their own, and are driven by a sense of Justice. They are even willing to take a loss financially at times for the greater cause of justice. David goes way beyond the call of duty for his clients. His assistant's Katrina and Louise are so helpful. Always passing on messages and keeping informed when David is away. Look no further. Switalskis is the firm for all your legal challenges"

Child Abuse Compensation Client

"I would like to take this opportunity to say how well Caroline Chandler has handled my application with efficiency and sensitivity from start to finish."

Child Abuse Compensation Client