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Medical negligence can seriously affect your quality of life, both health-wise and financially. Making a legal claim against a healthcare professional may sound intimidating, but our expert lawyers are experienced in guiding people through the process, making you feel at ease, and helping you gain the right care and compensation.

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What is Elder Abuse and how does it occur in care homes?

Switalskis - Care Home and Elder Abuse SolicitorsElder Abuse simply means any act or failure to act, which causes harm or distress to an elderly person, at the hands of someone they trust. It can happen in a care home, or even in their own home if they receive care from healthcare professionals at home.

Moving into a care home is a decision that involves a lot of thought and a great deal of trust. Sometimes though, that trust can be abused, with residents not receiving the level of care they deserve. Abuse against people living with conditions such as dementia can go unnoticed for a long time.

Care Homes can suffer from a lack of funding and a high turnover of staff, both of which can contribute to inconsistent or poor quality of care for residents. It may be that staff are deliberately abusive or neglectful towards residents, or it may be that the owners and managers of the home have failed to ensure that procedures are in place and followed properly.

How can legal advice help me?

Claiming compensation for care home abuse can be a complicated and distressing process. It can also be very hard to know where to begin - especially if you are claiming on behalf of an elderly relative and have limited evidence. However, we can help you to assess your situation and establish whether or not you have a valid case for compensation.

Having handled this kind of claim before, we know the right steps to take and the questions to ask to help you find out exactly what has happened and whether the care home is providing the right standard of care.

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How is legal advice funded?

There are various options of funding for claims. Many of our cases are funded using Conditional Fee Agreements, also called a ‘No Win No Fee’ medical negligence claim. In a Conditional Fee Agreement, you will only pay for our solicitors’ work if we win the case for you. We can explain all the options to you and advise you on the best way to fund your case if you choose to go ahead.

How can Switalskis help me?

Care Home Abuse is a highly-specialised, growing area of the law. We believe that you should deal with a law firm with experience in this area if you or a loved one have suffered abuse or neglect in a care home.

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What our clients say

Victoria was helpful and professional throughout, I was always kept up to date with the status of my case and Victoria always put me at ease whenever I felt unsure about any aspect of the proceedings. It was a pleasure to have her support during a very difficult and lengthy process. 

Professional & Therapy Abuse Client

"Victoria and Mark have an outstanding knowledge about the effects of Professional Abuse. Always understanding, patient and Victoria kept me fully informed of everything during the legal process. Cannot thank her or Mark enough."

Professional & Therapy Abuse Client

"Victoria has been a pleasure to deal with. I have been impressed by her meticulous attention to detail, prompt and courteous responses and thorough explanation of the procedure in response to my queries. I can also highly recommend her in respect of the empathy and compassion shown whilst dealing with highly personal matters. The service could not have been better!"

Professional & Therapy Abuse Client

"Victoria was professional, forthright, clear and had good boundaries exactly what I needed after receiving the opposite from the person who had harmed me. I felt confident that the legal advice [Victoria] gave me was offered with my best interests at heart."

Professional & Therapy Abuse Client