Action for Brain Injury Awareness Week 14-20 May 2018

Headway, a national leading charity dedicated to promoting the understanding of all aspects of brain injury, organise their annual Action for Brain Injury Awareness Week.  It runs from 14-20 May 2018 and this year’s theme is “You, Me and Brain Injury” aiming to highlight the effects that brain injury has, not only on the individual, but on everyone involved.

You, Me and Brain Injury

Following a brain injury, relationships can be transformed in an instant, changing the lives and futures of not only the individual, but of partners, entire families and friends of those affected by the injury. Headway aim to demonstrate the various ways in which people can help those living with a brain injury to adapt and regain a degree of independence and confidence.  Depending on the severity of the brain injury and its effects, considerable changes may have to be made to family life and often relatives become carers. Headway aims to improve the lives of all those living with brain injury.

Headway offers support for the injured person, their families and carers. You are not alone and if you find yourself in need of support, you can contact the Headway helpline on 0808 800 2244 or email helpline@headway.org.uk and find out what support is available in your area.

Brain Injury Awareness Week

As part of Brain Injury Awareness Week, we can all get involved and raise awareness by taking part in Hats for Headway on 18 May 2018.  Wear a wacky hat, make a donation and post it on social media using the hashtag #hatsforheadway.

We will be celebrating #hatsforheadway in our offices and showing the positive side to the trauma associated with brain injury. Those with brain injuries still have a life to live and we hope in our small way we can show support and raise vital awareness and money for Headway.

At Switalskis Solicitors we regularly work with people who have suffered a brain injury and their families, whether that is an injury be caused by medical negligence or an accident. Brain injuries can affect people in many different ways and the impact can be devastating.  We aim to assist those injured by providing the resources and support that they need to make their lives that bit easier.

Switalskis Solicitors work with Headway and are recommended in the Headway directory as specialist head injury solicitors.

The Medical Negligence team  and Brain & Serious Injury team can be contacted on 0800 138 0458 or you can contact us through the website.

Suzanne Munroe

Suzanne is a Solicitor who heads up our Medical Negligence team and is also a Director of Switalskis. She joined Switalskis in 2013 and has specialised in Medical Negligence for most of her career. Suzanne is a nationally-recognised birth injury lawyer. Suzanne's profile