Boris Johnson’s refusal to apologise for comments on Child Abuse

You may recall that this unscripted politician (and now Prime Minister) likened the expenditure on investigations into child sex abuse to “spaffing money up the wall”. (To “spaff” is slang for to ejaculate).

When he made the comment he held the post of Foreign Secretary in Theresa May’s Government. He was challenged by an ITV reporter about the comment at the Conservative party conference in Manchester on 30th September. Asked whether he regretted his comments he refused to apologise.

It is one thing for politicians failing to do their homework but the use of his sexually explicit language here was in extraordinarily bad taste for a start.

Added to the fact that studies show that fewer than 3% of allegations of child sexual abuse are false, this demonstrates that he has failed to recognise the importance of – and merit in investigating – these crimes.

Campaigners have worked for many years to elevate the status of child sex abuse complainants to equality with all others who report crimes to the police and his denigration of the police and other investigations threatens this progress.

This week I spoke on ITV Calendar News and explained that it is hard enough to persuade survivors of child sex abuse to come forward already. Hearing the Prime minister fail to apologise for such appalling comments will do nothing to inspire those considering reporting to the police.

If you wish to seek advice on child abuse confidentially please contact David Greenwood at or 01924 882000.