Linda Smith – Solicitor

Linda Smith is based in Sheffield, but advises and represents clients nationwide.

  • Switalskis Solicitors 24 – 26 Paradise Square, Sheffield, S1 2DE
  • 0114 349 2300

Linda has worked in the Legal profession for over 30 years. She joined Switalskis in November 2016 along with other members of the Clinical Negligence team in Sheffield. As an experienced Clinical Negligence Solicitor, Linda’s job involves gathering evidence from her clients, experts and medical records to help build a strong case.

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We asked Linda:

Q:What do you enjoy most about your job?
A: Getting to the truth for my clients, seeking to unlock the mystery of medicine and the huge bureaucracy which people can face with the NHS; helping them to move forward with their life with the certainty they have got the answers they need to put a traumatic time behind them.  Feeling that what I do does make a real difference to people’s lives in the long run.

Q: What can your clients expect from you?
A: I’m persistent in getting to the bottom of what happened when treatment goes wrong and why. I am approachable, easy to talk to, down to earth and always try to see the situation from my client’s point of view.  It is important I can also see the stance the NHS will take in order to anticipate and deal with it in the best interests of the client.  I always look to give 110% effort for my clients as make them feel that I am in their corner fighting for them.  It can be difficult to take on the NHS in a legal claim but I am here to support and help the client fight for the truth and to get justice where the evidence supports us.

Q: What aspect of this area of law do you find most interesting?
A: Seeing what medicine and science can do for people. There is so much we already know but there is so much more to learn.

We have to remember that most medical treatment is good and it is the exception when it goes wrong, but where it does we are here to step in and help our clients get to the truth and obtain their rightful compensation under the law.

Q: What are you interests?
A: To relax I enjoy watching The Great British Bake Off and flicking through my cookery books. I also like to go walking in the country with my dog, whatever the weather.